2021 GFD 🏆 Awards

Winner | Strait Culture and Art Center | China Construction Engineering Design Group Co. Ltd. & PES-Architects Ltd.

Straits Cultural and  Arts Center located in the south bank of the Min River in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, China.It’s a cultural complex consists of a multi-functional theater, opera house, concert hall, art museum, film and television center, central culture hall and ancillary buildings, occupying approximately 153,000 square meters of total floor space.

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🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2021

Strait Culture and Art Center
Cultural Architecture Built

China Construction Engineering Design Group Co. Ltd. & PES-Architects Ltd.

China Construction Engineering Design Group Co. Ltd. & PES-Architects Ltd.

Design Team
ZongWu Xu, Pekka Salminen, Martin Lukasczyk, YuHui Song, YueXing Tang, WeiXing Dong, ZongRui Chen, XiaoChen Wu, LinLi Lai

Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, China


©Yong Zhang

The design chose the idea inspired by the city’s flower, the jasmine as its design concept. Jasmine is a world-famous symbol of Chinese culture and the city flower of Fuzhou. This fully reflects the unity of regional and global culture. The five main buildings form five white jasmine petals, the Liang Cuo River is like a flower stalk passing through the middle of the petals, and several small petals form a water-friendly platform deep into the Min river, which together form a magnificent Chinese picture of “water, moon and sky with jasmine flowers”.

The core materials the building used are ceramics and bamboo, which are indigenous to Chinese culture. Furthermore, both of them are the original materials of Fujian that saves a lot of money in the production and transportation.

More than 40,000 ceramic sticks and louvers are used on the elevation, with a unique standard size of 1760mm; 36,000 ceramic panels are used on the back elevation, derived from a unique standard block of 400mmx800mm. The project is therefore the largest ceramic curtain wall building in the world.

The interior design uses heavy bamboo and art ceramics with patterns derived from Chinese Yuan Dynasty porcelain jasmine and peony twigs, respectively. More than 1.5 million “peony twigs” bloom on the walls of the opera house. The concert hall is made up of 25,000 pieces of white art ceramics. The zirconium oxide sound-deadening microporous art deco ceramics developed specifically for this project to fill a gap in the Chinese market.

The project also opens the outdoor square, roof platform and hydrophilic space to the society, and integrates with the Minjiang River landscape system to form an immersive urban cultural experience space.We have designed a complete barrier free system for the above areas, so that all people can share the landscape and facilities without discrimination. We have also provided 275 additional motor parking spaces to serve the local people.

The local flood control facilities and buildings are built together. Under the jasmine square, flood control facilities such as sluice, drainage station and make-up pump station are set up.At the same time, liangcuo River, a flood discharge channel, was renovated and widened, and became a part of the whole building. The project adopts river water source heat pump technology, air heat recovery technology, free cooling technology and sponge city construction, which saves a lot of energy and forms a “resilient city”.

The Straits Cultural and  Arts Center is not only the largest cultural arts center in Fujian, it has become an international platform for local art exchange, a core place for cultural life and a window for cultural export to China, besides a new cultural landmark in the southeast coast.

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