2023 UDAD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner – Aldar Projects workplace by mustard&linen interior design

There is something for everyone at Aldar Projects offices, and there is no doubt that the modern workforce is now changing.

Located in the heart of Yas Mall, the Aldar Projects workspace celebrates the dynamic work environment where people come together and empower each other.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2023

Aldar Projects workplace
Corporate Interior (Built)

mustard&linen interior design

Rim Guirari

Design Team
Rim Guirari, Thomas Castagnet, Nicolas Bradley, Dinah Ghafari, Farah Hanbali, Samir Nahas, Omar Asfour

Yas mall, Yas Island Abu Dhabi

United Arab Emirates

©mustard&linen interior design

One of the main objectives of the design brief was to ensure that employees feel comfortable. Aldar believes that employees are at their best when they feel good and are appreciated. And a key consideration in designing the space wisely was to create a ‘great place to work’, a place where people can connect, innovate, work, and when in need, isolate to take time for themselves.

Various features were introduced to greet employees and stimulate their senses, one of them being a central feature café where people can unite over a complimentary healthy offering and specialty coffee.

Aldar Project strives to provide a pleasant and functional workplace for all employees. 

mustard&linen observed the workspaces of today, listened to the different needs, explored various ways of working, and introduced them with a soft & warm color palette to fulfil employee’s requirements.

The creative team worked hand in hand with the assigned contractor to achieve the highest quality of works with attention to the finest details to ensure that the space is pleasant and functional.

The facility comprises of executive offices, an open space with custom-made desks that includes powerless chargers, using locally sourced and sustainable materials, meeting rooms with the latest IT components, acoustically treated workrooms, collaborative pods, private phone booths and a recreational area where employees can enjoy quality time in a vibrant scenery.

All in all, we can say that Aldar Project is home to everyone, and the brand essence is joyfully brought to life. It is a place that reassures, a place that empowers, and a place that brings people together.