2023 UDAD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner – Xuji Seafood Restaurant Mixc World by IN.X Design

With 22 years’ prosperous history, Xuji Seafood has been characterized by live seafood to broke through the weak era of Chinese catering field two decades before. It has expanded into over 50 restaurants all over China by now, and the brand image has been continuously upgraded in its rapid development. In November 2021, Xuji Seafood Xi’an Mixc World restaurant opened – which was designed by designer Wu Wei of IN.X. The creative space design of the new restaurant will contribute to the prosperity of Xuji Seafood background.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2023

Xuji Seafood Restaurant Mixc World
Hospitality Interior (Built)

IN.X Design

Wu Wei

Design Team
Jia Qifeng, Liu Chenyang, Jia Chenjuan

Xi’an, China


©Zheng Yan

01 Search
Tracing back to the source, writing the charm with the soul

The designer drew a deep and flexible “big background” in the 960 square meters space – where the magnificent coast stretches, the deep blue water flows deep, and the northern city stands tall and upright. On the grand background, the crowd is agile; the chatter and laughter are intertwined with the foaming sound of the sea water; the lights are gently scattered; and the meals start as scheduled.

The sea, the city, and the cooking smoke blend into the soul of Xuji Seafood, which is conveyed as its charm, crowning the space.

02 Deduction
The flexible “mega dining atmosphere”

In the spatial landscape of Xuji Seafood Restaurant, the intersection of the ocean and the continent is subtly presented. The roof is vertically divided into four layers, overlapping with each other, and covering the entire ceiling with large streamlines. The intersections are embedded with light strips to outline the “rolling streams” which disappear at the end of sight – the stretching coast is suspended overhead, where the white wave solidifies into a flexible and winding lighting system; thus, the huge ocean background transforms into a space sculpture, covering everything under it.

In contrast, the city portrait is majestic and rough. the “walls” and “giant pillars” support the ocean roof, and the rough-textured ultra-thin stone facade removes all decorations to return to its new life. The wave shaped wall-washer light echoes the lighting layout on the floor, reconstructing a superimposed painting of mountains, seas and city.

As the coast and the city are set, the bold and resolute design approach has changed into a delicate and moderate method, so that seawater and dining atmosphere are injected carefully and slowly. The tranquil and pure blue is the vibrant soul of the space, which is serene and charming. The special-shaped wine cellar is “soaked” in blue, acting as the beginning of the movement flow into the restaurant and stimulating the cheerful mood directly.

In front of the azure curtain wall, the eroded metal plate wraps the bar, as if hitting a deep and powerful spatial drum beat under the sea. Through volume and surface, the functional area design has found a suitable fusion point for the fashionable contemporary sense and the most profound nostalgia. Therefore, the place has a great tolerance, not only presenting the history, but also bearing the unknown.

The red whale tail sculpture set off lively and colorful waves, and the space becomes vibrant from stillness, in which the seats were arranged rhythmically. The huge fiber art miniaturizes the fantastic and prosperous deep-sea ecology with infinite imagination.

Terrazzo and wooden grids create a stable sense of security for the private room. The ceiling continues the overall streamline where the lights are sprinkled gently from above, adding a sense of expansiveness in the warm dining atmosphere.

03 Strategic Catering
The City Story of Brand Genes

As a leading representative of seafood catering brands, Xuji Seafood has a position in the catering arena with its excellent dishes. Under the catalysis of new market demands, it is developing rapidly; meanwhile, it needs to strengthen its roots more firmly. With the design concept of “Strategic Catering”, IN.X has completely strengthened and upgraded its brand genes through the Xuji Seafood Restaurant Mixc World. Besides, with the regional features of Xi’an, the diversity and locality are taken into account in the space design. The project will be handed over to the hands of new and old diners as a brand new business card of Xuji Seafood.