2023 UDAD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner – Beautiful in Every Single Way by Harmony Construction Limited Company

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe is one of the most influential German architects of the 20th century, known for his role in the development of modernism. He once said, “Less is more.” For this interior design project, the designer has brought out the beauty of simplification in the design details, and it has become the main spatial emphasis. This is an interior design project for a show house for a newly-built development. Through the design team’s resourceful planning and refined reconfiguration, the four very distinct show houses have turned into four different styles and demonstrated their attractiveness in their unique way.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2023

Beautiful in Every Single Way
Residential Interior (Concept)

Harmony Construction Limited Company


Design Team
Harmony Construction Limited Company

Taipei, Taiwan


©Harmony Construction Limited Company

Entering the area where it presents a timeless humanistic style, one will notice that the space is decorated with pure white and elegant elements, and the light white marble is outlined with titanium-plated trim to create a light and luxurious spatial expression. In addition, the interlacing of wood conveys a touch of calmness and tranquility. Resourcefully, the designer had conducted an open design approach to solve the problem of single-sided lighting, allowing the space to be bathed in sunlight. The design of the four ceiling corners is curved to soften the visual experience. In the bedroom, pure earth colors are configured to offer the dwellers a stress-free sleeping environment. Moreover, the decorative geometric lines and natural wood grain create a visual effect with layers. Also, a large closet is placed to meet the user’s storage needs.

In another space, where gray is set as the main color scheme, the designer uses a neutral color configuration to relieve the occupants’ complicated thoughts. The fresh and simple Scandinavian style is planned as the base, brewing a warm and calm spatial tone, allowing the residents to relax their minds and bodies. In the master bedroom, the wood material is continued and combined with curved ceilings to create a relaxing personal pace. Besides, the implementation of iridescent glass as the partition wall of the dressing room achieves both privacy and functionality.

The space with the theme of the neo-classical style is integrated with the kitchen and living room through the designers’ ingenuity. Besides, the line panel and crystal chandelier are cleverly implemented to echo the theme. On the other hand, the open kitchen is equipped with an L-shaped kitchen counter. It serves as both a preparation platform and a dining bar, providing the space with flexibility and functionality. Moving to the bedroom, the clean white and low-color-temperature texture is continued to create a calm and quiet sleeping environment.

Entering another space with modern aesthetics, one will notice that the designer has cleverly planned the color scheme of black and white to produce a clean, personalized look of the residence. With dark wood tones added to the space, the warm texture beautifully balances the color temperature of the space. In the seemingly simple space, the stone texture is applied to the TV wall, injecting a mysterious soulfulness. On the other hand, the light gray color is planned in the resting space, and the side wall is designed with grooves to create delicate layers on the flat façade.