2022 GFD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Bashardoust Dental office | Roshan Architecture Group

Light is the continuation of life and the well-being of the body and the mind. The proper distribution of light in medical facilities is of immense importance, but in the circumstance in which all matters are defined by class, even light is not distributed fairly. How can we reclaim light, essential to the healing process, in a neighborhood with a high floor to area ratio, a unit on the second floor of an apartment, at the end of a cul-de-sac?

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2022

Bashardoust Dental office
Healthcare Interior (Built)

Roshan Architecture Group

Ronak Roshan Gilavae

Design Team
Principal Architect: Ronak Roshan Gilavae – Design Team& Presentations:kiane Ghasempour، Saed Haghdost ,Mahazar Poulab، Karim Hajabase,nazanin raesi

Rasht, Iran


©Deed studio

Considering the project’s positioning, as well as the building’s façade, it was not possible to make changes in the proportions and the awning windows. Therefore, we decided to specifically define light for this space, through its examples. By opening the door at the entrance, the user will face a light that seems to fall from an outside source, dividing the space into two. In the user’s line of sight, green space has been placed; another representation of the presence of light, not as if plants were added to the space, but as if light has resulted in greenery blooming out of the wall, finding its way out. At the same time, this green is a partition between the waiting room and the restroom to create a private space. 

When the user heads towards the waiting room area, they will look over another source of light. Here, there was a window displaying a towering unattractive building that surrounded the area. We made this window semitransparent so that with suitable lighting it seems that light gently falls in the room from a faraway source and the pretentious neighboring building will not be visible. 

As the user/patient is sitting in the waiting room, they will be fronting a broad and illuminated counter welcoming them. A glass screen has been installed behind this desk in the color yellow, seeming like a reflection of the light outside.  

In the primary plan, there was a kitchen which with some changes was transformed into the storing space for dental equipment. The kitchen facilities were moved behind the reception counter, maintaining the reception’s elongation, and a connected atmosphere in the waiting room.

The consistency and fair redistribution of light in the treatment area was achieved through the installation of a semitransparent glass wall between the doctor’s office and the unit room. 

Considering the proven effects of appropriate lightening in the improvement of the treatment process, special attention was paid to this crucial element, and by using and emphasizing examples of light in internal space, we tried to reclaim the user’s right to light as much as possible.