2022 GFD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | DATA DMZ | TIANJIN TIANHUA northern architectural design

DATA DMZ, located on the south side of Tianjin Eco-city Information Park, has a land area of 6,200 square meters and a building scale of 20,000 square meters. As the core link of the information industry layout of the Eco-city at the second stag, this project focuses on the DATA DMZ to carry out related functions including office, exhibition, business incubation, etc., making it a new engine for the upgrading of the information industry.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2022

Future Building Design (Concept)

TIANJIN TIANHUA northern architectural design

Qiang Xu

Design Team
Lixiang Liu, Yun Wang , Siyi Wang, Shuyi Sun, Linhan Wang, Jianhong Zhao, Yanyan, Yanchi Wu

Tianjin, China


©TIANJIN TIANHUA northern architectural design

Its planning layout follows urban design guidelines and uses square towers to design the urban interface. Since the north and south sides of the land of the project are urban gardens, the designer used the terrace garden at the base to echo the urban landscape, so as to provide more space for outdoor activities.

Through the intention of using the facade language, DATA DMZ shows its own characteristics, namely, a sense of technology and modernity. The vertical texture language is used by the designer on the tower and its jumping lines resemble the patterns of electronic components. The base is wrapped with cambers to create a adjacent scale image with dynamic feature, which is also convenient to provide a large-area wall for indoor functions to carry a large electronic screen.

Adhering to the principle of openness and sharing, first of all, the building creates public service space for citizens. The lobby on the first floor is connected to the north and south gardens, where citizens can rest, stay and walk. Second, the building creates dynamic work spaces for office workers. The data trading exhibition hall with full-height on the 2nd floor is used to share the results of data trading in real time. All corporate offices with full-height on the 3rd to 8th floors do not set up closed spaces and employees can communicate freely without hindrance.

The ultimate goal of this project is to achieve “near zero energy” buildings. This project is the first near-zero-energy building with 20,000 square meters in northern China, which adopts a variety of technical methods such as the thermal performance improvement of the outer envelope enclosure, air heat recovery, geothermal heat pump technology, and solar photovoltaic technology.

DATA DMZ not only continues to adopt the technological appearance of the industrial park in terms of design, but also provides an open and shared dynamic space for the city. Meanwhile, it achieves breakthroughs in technology, and finally realizes an office that integrates technology, openness, sharing and greenness.