2022 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner – Gold Dream by Botanic Ark Design

Botanic Ark Design team were assigned to design a small apartment for a self-made businesswoman.  It is located at New Territories, Hong Kong, where famous for its intense living space.  We all agreed that the apartment shall be the self-expression of the owner.  The challenge lies in designing a space that facilitates, accelerates and accompanies the owner, Helen’s self-expression, and making a difference among thousands of similar apartments in the neighbourhood of northern side of Hong Kong.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2022 (IIDA 2022)

Gold Dream
Residential Apartment Interior

Botanic Ark Design

Sean Echo Wong

Design Team
Sean Echo Wong

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

©Botanic Ark Design

To make the apartment spaceful, designer Sean Echo Wong used a lot reflection material such as glass, metal and light colour decoration.  Gold is also Helen, the owner’s favorite color, which reflects her independent and powerful personality.

The living area opens out towards the balcony, making the most of natural light.  In addition, visitors can take a sight of sea through the balcony.  Maximizing every inch of space, designer created additional quarters and distinct uses of each room.  We also used tailor-made furniture to maximize the capacity of the space and create a homey environment for comfortable and practical everyday use.

The custom-made bed in the master bedroom is made of full leather, with storage space under the bed, and the electric curtain by the window can open and close the curtain without climbing on the bed, which is convenient and quick.  On the other side of the custom-made wardrobe, the master used Changhong glass and golden stainless steel to create a characteristic wall on the spot, which is in the same line as the wardrobe design, avoiding the monotony of the large white wall.