2022 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner – Taikang Community Shen Garden Shenyang by Interscape Design Associates

The overall architectural design of Taikang Community Shen Garden is inspired by the flow line of Mukden palace. Interscape Design not only is deep rooted in the luxury hotel field, but also has a team dedicated to the design of senior well-being communities, combining the successful experience of luxury hotels with professional senior care to create a community with both humanistic care and artistic sense and meet the social, entertainment, food, fitness and spiritual needs of the seniors. Reasonable planning and ingenious layout enrich the spiritual world of the seniors. Each function echos each other with delicate coexistence of dynamic and static. The circulation line is smooth and convenient, through which the engagement is improved and a interactive and experimental scene mode is achieved.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2022

Taikang Community Shen Garden Shenyang
Interior Design

Interscape Design Associates

Interscape Design Associates

Design Team
Interscape Design Associates

No.1 Baita 2rd Street,Shenyang,Liaoning Province,China


©Xin Qiu

In Taikang Community Shen Garden, the designer brings sunlight into indoors, making the space full of vigor. Art and humanities are also introduced inside. To allow the seniors to get closer to the city where they live, the oil paintings depict local landmarks such as the Shenyang Place and Shenyang Olympic Sports Center.

The wide spaced Four Seasons Flower Hall has a walking track, a flower market and stall carts, offering bustling market purchasing experience. The lush green plants, colorful fish tanks and graphic art walls display the beauty, elegance and vitality in life.

Based on perceptual creation, and emotional and humanistic care, the design explores barrier-free, seniors friendly and refined arrangement and builds  complex and  multi-functioned scenes in the new urban senior living ecosystem, providing a sense of belonging and promoting a calm and peaceful mind. Color used is suitable for the seniors, highly recognizable and instructive. Considering the seniors’ physical function, living habits and cultural background, all edges are made round, and the sofa and seating feature proper seat depth and armrests to meet the safety needs and assist getting up. Emergency call buttons can be seen everywhere. All these high light the safety, humanity and senior friendliness of the design to improve the convenience and comfort for the seniors’ living space. and build a reassuring scene.