2022 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner – Legend Begins House by CYID Interior Design

As far as the eye can see, the simple and clear color is like the beauty of quiet and restrained precipitation after the passage of time, but the character still remains. The pure geometric volume, the reflection of wood and metal, is restrained and balanced. Under the sober tone, it shows the breath of casual freedom, restores the true nature of life, allows the senses to immerse in the space, and also feels the spiritual freedom in the natural landscape.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2022

Legend Begins House
Housing Interior Built

CYID Interior Design

Tong Xin

Design Team
Liu Jinan



©CYID Interior Design

The wood is moist, the white is pure, and the subtle changes in the natural tones between light and shadow light up the flexibility of the space, such as the blank space in a painting, where the light is allowed to pass through and softly smudge. The form of points, lines and planes can easily grasp the meaningful atmosphere, and the depth of ink brings a rich experience to the entire space environment, which is self-contained in every square inch.

The meandering curves in the eloquent sense of rhythm, the flow produces more aura, and the softness conveys more elegance, harmony and elegance, gentle and solemn. From the beginning of the dawn to the fading of the clouds, the changes given by light and shadow are like a silent dance, with a long rhythm and a profound artistic conception. Elegant, soft and long, hidden in details, the connection between lightness and calmness is the embodiment of the temperament of the residents. The romantic and poetic space tunes are gently extended in it. With the continuous change of time, it gradually precipitates into the experience and memory of the space, for the home. Add temperature. The arc line design in the ceiling, fireplace and partitions expresses a full and stable visual effect in form. Various curvilinear forms are scattered in series, creating an elegant, romantic and gentle space atmosphere, giving the static space a different look and feel, creating unique memory points here.