2022 UDAD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Nanchang Urban Color Planning | Guangzhou University & Guangzhou Hongyu Architectural Design Co., Ltd

Nanchang is not only a famous historical and cultural city in China, but also a central city in Central China. In order to build the distinctive urban color image for Nanchang, we are entrusted by Nanchang natural resources bureau to carry out urban color planning of Nanchang.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2022

Nanchang Urban Color Planning
Urban Planning

Guangzhou University & Guangzhou Hongyu Architectural Design Co., Ltd

Guo Hongyu

Design Team
Guo Hongyu, Yuan Xiaolong, Wang minyi,Liu Junfan,Tan Jiayu,Zhu Yongting,Chen Shenxin,Li Kunyu,Deng Yehong,He Shujun,Chen Xiaotong,Chen Lulu,Luo Jiansen



©Guo Hongyu

We look for the color range suitable for the local climate characteristics from the analysis of light environment, extracted local color genes from Nanchang’s beautiful landscape environment, red soil, blue and white porcelain and brass. We extracted the four color systems of warm jade gray, sky cyan, golden autumn color and Dai color, and established a recommended color spectrum of urban color for Nanchang, with warm jade sky cyan as the main & auxiliary color and rosy purple and gilt gold as the ornament color.

Combined with the characteristics of urban spatial structure and functional attributes, we applied urban color recommendation chromatography to the facade of urban buildings. We have planned the spatial structure of urban color and guided the spatial distribution and change of hue, lightness and chromaticity of urban color.

We have designed the urban color image of key sections such as riverside landscape belt, and formulated urban color planning guidelines and plans.

In addition, in combination with the recommended urban color spectrum, we have formulated the guidelines for building materials matching the recommended color, so that the recommended chromatography can be implemented more effectively.

In this project, we are committed to exploring the color gene of Nanchang’s traditional culture and natural environment, deriving and innovatively applying it to urban space, so as to achieve the urban color planning goal of establishing Nanchang characteristics with architectural color features and telling Nanchang stories in color language.