2022 UDAD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | French Style Duplex Loft | Di Dio Interiors & Duett

The apartment of the Sousa Viterbo street, located in the heart of the Unesco World Heritage classified Porto area, required our attention to renovate and turn the apartment into a French-style duplex. The aim was to transform the adjacent apartment for residential use with the experience of “French charming style,” which aims to welcome people from around the world to the beautiful city of Porto.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2022

French Style duplex loft
Interior Design Built

Di Dio Interiors & Duett

Alessia Di Dio, Hugo Gomes, Miguel Gomes

Design Team
Alessia Di Dio, Hugo Gomes, Miguel Gomes

Di Dio Interiors: www.didiointeriors.com
Duett: www.duett.pt

Project Location
Porto (Ribeira)


©Alessia Di Dio

When we visited the apartment for the first time, it was in terrible condition. Our clients wanted a complete rebuild not to recognize the old apartment anymore and to create a luxurious apartment with a Parisian charming style.

We needed to create an entire mezzanine where you feel cozy and easy to access. Our mission was to embed the mezzanine, make it accessible with tailor-made stairs, and turn the apartment into a mezzanine. The handmade fireplace makes the space comfy for all seasons and gives additional space for unique interior elements.

Flying leaves – Recycable pet

Since the beginning, we always dreamed of creating our furniture and bringing those into our client’s homes. Due to the global supply chain crisis and the difficulty to get material such as wood etc. We realized it’s the perfect moment to take advantage of material which is all over the oceans. PLASTIC. Our two prototypes (headboard and hanging lamp) are 100 % made out of plastic which is recyclable and fully designed by us.

Today, plastic contamination of our seas is a big problem. If everyone does their part by recycling the waste they produce, we can significantly reduce our ecological footprint.

As we cannot remain indifferent to this problem, the Di Dio Interiors and Duett team came together to develop furniture that could use recycled materials. In this apartment, the result of this commitment is present in the hanging lamp and the headboard.

To give you an idea, the plastic used to make these two pieces is equivalent to 332 plastic bottles.

If we combine design with recycled materials, we believe that we can help minimize this impact.

“Help save the sea and preserve our planet.”

From a dream to reality – Flying leaves

The “Flying leaves” is made of 20 pieces than can be assembled like a puzzle. The structure is supported by a golden steel that just 4 out of the pieces are attached. The remaining pieces are attached on one an other than create the volume of the flying leaves and give it a dimension of 1.5 x 1 m is elegantly floating over the dining table.