2022 GFD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | PowerChina MingYueLongTIng Model Room | HWCD

The PowerChina MingYueLongTing is in Chengdu Jinniu District. Chengdu is on the edge of the fertile plains of the Red Basin in China’s Sichuan Province. Due to its agricultural wealth, Chengdu is sometimes called the ‘Land of Milk and Honey.’ The city was notable for its refined culture and display of luxury. It became famous for its fine brocades and satins. Throughout history, it has remained a great city and a major administrative centre, and it has been the capital of Sichuan since 1368. Nowadays, Chengdu has a reputation as a very ‘laid-back’ city that emphasizes culture and relaxation and as a result of this and much green space is ranked one of the most livable mega-cities in China. It is credited with a good nightlight scene and contains many new western-style buildings in the large city centre.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2022

PowerChina MingYueLongTIng Model Room
Recreation (Built)


Jiaxi Feng

Design Team
Haochen Qian, Qisheng Tang

Chengdu, SiChuan



The design team believes that the living space is a place that carries the most memories of our lives. The inspiration for the project comes from the memories of the city of Chengdu itself. In people’s memory, Chengdu is known as the ‘city of light luxury.’ It has the temperament of a big city but also has the unique loose life of a rural area. It is free and comfortable but also fashionable and romantic. Therefore, the concept of classical and modern fusion is adopted to integrate the light luxury life attitude into the space design.

The characteristics of architecture in Western Sichuan are ‘clear, curious, quiet, and beautiful.’ Chengdu’s ancient architecture has a more ‘bold’ atmosphere based on elegance. After the designer’s extraction and deconstruction, the silhouettes of the old architecture are transformed into the shape of metal lines so that the classic and modern intertwine and coexist, giving off infinite vitality. Some places use luxurious materials in the simplified form of ancient architecture stacked level, showing the integration of old and new.

The design team studies cultural and natural elements and transforms them into hard-construction and partition details to create a unique design taste. The open kitchen and living-dining room are connected, no longer defining the boundaries of each area, either spacious or narrow, hazy or clear, triggering people’s behavior in the space with the rhythm of furniture. The furniture carries all the memories of family gatherings. There is a visual division in space zoning. The wall is divided into dark and light colors to differentiate functions. At the same time, the fashionable and elegant soft furnishings with a sense of art show the exquisite high-end and personal taste of life attitude and let people immerse in the simple and generous infinite visual memory.

Moreover, the design team develops the color scheme from the warm sun of autumn and applies it to every corner. The autumn is rich and generous, especially in Chengdu, which has enormous natural geographical landscapes. The sunset is warm and splendid. In the Master Bedroom, the designer uses a design language full of warmth to outline a beautiful painting of the sunrise and the sunset. The warm orange color is accompanied by the lighting strip, which brings together the romantic and cozy mood of the home; the heavily textured blanket, the bright glass closet, the chic chandelier, and the coffee table show the exquisite taste of the peak.