2021 GFD 🏆 Awards

Honorable Mention | Greentown • Anji Taohuayuan | GT.DECO

The project consists of two dwellings (N2 and W3) within a residential development located in Anji County, Zhejiang, China. The site is surrounded by rivers and mountains, enjoying a favourable geographic position. The artificial landscape in the residential community produces a traditional, natural living atmosphere and provides idyllic scenery throughout the year.

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🏆 Honorable Mention
Global Future Design Awards 2021

Greentown • Anji Taohuayuan
Residential Interior Built


Sun Wei

Design Team
Designers: Sun Wei, Yang Jun, Wang Jing, Gu Yi, Hu Yinying; Design Team: GT.DECO

Anji County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province



The designers conducted an in-depth research on the future occupants’ habits, physical state and hobbies and took the overall decoration style and materials into consideration, finally creating two quality and distinctive homes. The team optimized details meticulously and integrated elderly-friendly elements into the residences, showing humanism and embodying the concept of conveying caring and culture through design.

Living rooms and bedrooms were the two priorities in the design. And it was a challenge to work out elderly-friendly design. The introduction of outdoor landscape and the interplay of lights and shadows are highlights of this project.

The design retained a tone of elegance and a clear sense of hierarchy, while shaking off the strong colors of black and red featured by traditional Chinese decoration style. In this way, N2 Residence is endowed with a modern Chinese style, which pursues a spiritual atmosphere for self-cultivation.

W3 Residence is more dynamic and lively. Large areas of wood color are perfectly infused into the whole space, with the simplistic Neo-Chinese style introducing more brightness and freshness. Compared with N2, W3 features a more diversified and vivid color palette.

The designers introduced flower, bird and pet elements into the interior, producing a leisure lifestyle. The team adopted wood color instead of strong hues to create a modern Chinese decoration style, which retained the elegance of traditional Chinese style and a clear sense of hierarchy, hence producing a relaxing and comfortable living environment.

As the main target users of the residences are seniors, the designers retained the original hues of materials and meanwhile fully considered safety, functionality, comfort and accessibility to show humanism. The design team has been committed to elderly-friendly design over the past few years. As approaching this project, they eliminated the sharp angles of furniture and added friendly edges and hidden drawers, which are convenient for use while also providing aesthetic visual experience.

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