2021 GFD 🏆 Awards

Second Award | Nanjing Xuanwu Powerlong City Show Flat | Y. DESIGN

Burgundy: An Urban Fashion Legend 
Burgundy, a dark red color, takes its name from the color of Burgundy wine, which is famous in France. This noble and trendy burgundy is too impactive to be used in common design. In this project, however, it plays the lead in the magnificent environment.

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🏆 Second Award
Global Future Design Awards 2021

Nanjing Xuanwu Powerlong City Show Flat
Housing Interior Built


Lin Yifen

Design Team
Lin Yifen, Wu Shulan, Lin Kaiping, Cai Nuo

Nanjing, China


©Yu Space Photography

The project covers 139 square meters. The designers use burgundy to highlight a delicate spatial texture that shows a mysterious and luxurious charm in the large areas of coffee color, such as an end table in the living room, wall decorations in the bedroom, etc. Surrounded by the basic coffee color, the passionate burgundy looks not aggressive but calm and inclusive. The gentle and implicit spatial texture produces a sense of layering via the arrangement of lines and color blocks.

Greenery: The Ubiquitous Nature

The hectic urban life gradually separates people from nature. Su Shi, the famous poet in Song Dynasty, wrote in his poem, “I would rather eat no meat than live without bamboo.” Living in a prosperous and chaotic city at present, people hardly get close to natural scenery. However, plants and flowers can still add vitality into small or large living spaces, enriching the daily life. In fact, more than greenery, nature also represents a state of mind and a kind of atmosphere.

Behind the gauze, large areas of French window allow natural light into the interiors. The living room and the dining room at the same space are independent yet integrated. Simple and gentle lines of furniture outline a warm and delicate space, which is decorated with flowers at corners. The ink and wash painting on the wall, created by Mr. Wu Guanzhong, interprets a peaceful and pure life in the waterside region, enabling occupants to enjoy such tranquility.    

Taupe fabrics and wall covering make bedrooms look more tranquil, while a shade of burgundy activates the whole ambience. Hung on the master bedroom wall, the painting Anchorage at Lake Tai shows landscapes of Jiangnan to calm people down. In the bedroom, the representative image of nature is the grazing cattle sculpture. Next to it, a bottle of green plant brings a sense of nature into the room.

The girl’s room is lively. Bold red blends with green elements and plenty of plant stickers, creating a jungle adventure story in fairy tale. A warm and fantastic ambience is produced by plush items and cartoon because a girl’s dream is always full of brightness and pleasure.

Red and green, as well as city and nature, are two groups of contradictory yet connected words. But with the exquisite skills of the designers, this project shows a harmonious relationship and demonstrates an extremely romantic natural beauty in a city.

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