UDAD 2018 Interior Design

Pagaku Residence by Kuvio Studio

The design brief given to us by the clients was to design a contemporary space that is functional, aesthetic and easy to maintain. Each bedroom occupant in this house had different needs and requirements, the challenge was to meet all of these while still maintaining unity throughout the home

Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2018
Second Award | Category: Interior Design
Architects: Richa Singh
Studio Name: Kuvio Studio
Team Members: Richa Singh, Preeti Venugopal
Country: India
Website: www.kuviostudio.com
Location : Whitefield, Bangalore Total Sq ft : 5300 square feet Project Cost : 50 Lakhs
Project Completed : March 2017
Context : This residence is located in Marathalli, Bangalore. It is a private villa located in a gated community.
Green Practices : We have used LED lights throughout this home.

Use of Materials, Detailing and Sensorial Experience : The challenge we faced while designing this home, is that its plan is linear. The living room is followed by the dining and then the kitchen. Each of these spaces are directly visible from the entrance. We wanted to give each of these spaces their individuality but at the same time ensure that they marry well together. We have achieved this through the use of partitions, and false ceiling demarkations. By maintaining the same tones of grey and blue, we have ensured visual flow between the spaces.

Wellness was a key concept that we focused on while designing the clients’ elderly parents’ bedroom. We’ve aimed to create a relaxed ambience through the use of monochromatic textures and fabrics and earthy woods, which compliment the green garden view from the bedroom window.

The client had required each nook and small space to be functional, so we transformed a staircase landing area into a home office station. The abundant natural light flowing into the space made this a perfect workspace.

While designing their young pre-teen daughters’ bedroom, we had to keep in mind her request for a ‘Barbie’ themed room, while at the same time designing it in such a way that the theme is understated. By using different tones of lavender and pink we achieved the colours that she wanted, and used elements like delicate mirrors, wallpaper, and custom printed designer glass to get the whimsical feel that we were aiming for.

Their son’s requirement was to have a sports themed room. We’ve customised curtains and chair fabric to reflect his jersey number., and placed curio and decor items reflecting this theme. The wood work design in this room is playful and neat, with sufficient open storage for medals and sports equipment.

The Master Bedroom design brief was that they required an elegant and minimalistic space. We have limited the use of wood by designing sleek shelves along with a back-lit TV panel. Since the room is fairly monochromatic, we have used textured fabrics as well as textured wallpapers to add depth to the space.