UDAD 2018 Interior Design

XIANG SONG by Noontide Design.LTD

In order to build a scene of harvest during the fall, this restaurant allows you to find the straw facade which was made by aluminium , also set the gathered straw blocks surround the tables and chairs. Farming culture takes advantage of the vogue ”museum box ” to emphasis the straw theme. In addition, the loam walls, fishing net pendants and other design elements refer to the modern methods, under the principle of simplicity, with a recurring natural landscape theme with a golden paddy field. “A FEAST IN A PADDY FIELD” is the main rhythm in this space, which creates a sense of peace for the customers.

Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2018
First Award | Category: Interior Design
Architects: Frank Fei, Michael Choi
Studio Name: Noontide Design.LTD

Team Members: Li Ma, Hongqiang Zhang , Shaoxin Wei, Longfeng Zhou, Shuai Li, Qingtao Gu,Tiantian Xu, Zhiwei Zhou
Country: China

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