UDAD 2018 Office Building

Government Office Building by Bharadwaj Bharadwaj & Associate

This project is an office building over 1,85,000 square meter being built on 43 acre site at a cost of 120 million US $ in New Delhi. For the design of the building and architectural competition was held and the design was selected as the best and is now taken up for construction.

Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2018
Honorable Mention | Category: Office Building
Architects: Ajaya Bharadwaj
Studio Name: Bharadwaj Bharadwaj & Associate
Team Members: Ajaya Bharadwaj,
Daksh Bharadwaj
Country: India

(A)   The office building has been designed as an icon of the 21st century, projecting the image of MODERN INDIA using Innovative and advanced Technologies, Systems, Facilities and Materials thereby leading to high level of functioning, efficiency, optimization and Economy in Capital and Recurring Costs of the Project.

(B)    Due to its close proximity to the International Airport the height of buildings have been restricted to 20.5 mt . The project has low rise five storey office Blocks with a large basement which houses car parking, substations and AC Plants etc.


(c)    The Project is designed as a highly “Intelligent and a Green Building” complex complete with generation of Solar Energy for Lighting, Heating & Power Generation Systems and reusing waste water etc. thereby making it Self-sustaining and using highly advanced security system.

(D)    It is being built on hybrid structural system with all prefabricated floor/roof RCC slab and in situ structure leading to economy in material lower construction cost and faster construction. Advanced innovative technologies are adopted such as pollution control, maximum daylight and automation light sensors to augment lights, intelligent fire detection systems. System to combat Sick Building syndrome. Heat reduction measures in offices including provision for landscaped internal court in building etc.

(E)    It has been designed closely integrated with Nature with outdoor and indoor landscaped gardens and internal landscaped courts with offices primarily functioning on Natural light thereby cutting expenditures on Electricity and many offices having attached garden terrace to create a beautiful ambience in the offices.

-Cafeteria Block a fully self-contained Building and is located centrally for all persons working in offices as well as other areas.       Main Entrance to office Blocks is through Central Atrium Block which gives direct access to all Blocks through Main Entrance for all authorized personnel working in this Office.  Direct entry is available both from Basement Parking and from ground floor entrance in each office block.   Atrium area has Central Reception, Security Control and Main Conference/Meeting Room & other common facilities.  Glass dome over Atrium has been provided to reduce ingress of heat & sound.