UDAD Awards 2019

Second Award- Amber Skye | Mercurio Design Lab S.r.l.

Amber Skye, the 22-storey multi-residential development is on the east coast of Singapore, not far from the sea and the green recreational corridor that flanks the highway to Singapore Changi Airport. The close vicinity to the seashore provided the best of all possible sources of inspiration: the sea and its endless waves in motion. The idea is to create an urban resort which is the major objective of the design intent.


Second Award – Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2019
Firm | Mercurio Design Lab
Category | Housing (Built)
Team | Massimo Mercurio, Kimberly Liu
Country | Singapore

Each unit is basically orthogonal, but the corners are all rounded, a curvilinear character which is fully expressed on the façade of the building where the balconies form a wave pattern to pick up on the seaside location. The zig-zagged balconies amplify the dynamic form of the building’s outer form and the wave form of the façade generates additional natural light and ventilation. 

Individuality of experience, and the sense of being a part of an oceanside landscape is further supported by the materials palette. The front facing apartment is made up of a full-height window wall system that has a slight pearl-tinted glass, which reflects the colors of the sky, thus conferring an ever-changing blue-greyish hue to the apartment block, mimicking the picturesque sea. The sense of individuality and privacy is further enhanced by the fact that each unit has its own private lift lobby. The first four floors of the development step out of the facade in a two by two design, to create a terracing effect that makes the building block appear even more intriguing. It provides the opportunity of creating one of the specialties of Amber Skye – a series of villa-like units that give the lower floors of the development the feel of cluster bungalows with generous floor plate, private carpark, and large private garden with swimming pool.

 From the siting of the building ─ natural light and generous outlooks for every apartment, together with views to the east, and western views of the city and the low-rise estates of Kallang ─ to the planning of the individual units, great emphasis was placed on efficient arrangement and what the architects refer to as “user-friendly experience”.

Supporting the idea of a resort complex is the idea of a community rather than a collection of isolated unit. Amber is completed by a set of three penthouses, each with a sky terrace and large swimming pool, sheltered by a crown trellis that closes and defines the edge of the building. The sky terrace hosts an open-concept dining experience for tenants to make use for socializing.

The combined effect of these amenities and the landscaping creates a relaxed retreat from the hectic Singapore city center less than fifteen minutes drive away.
 Masterfully crafted to resemble the sea’s infinite waves, Amber Skye, is stunning in a timeless sense and is conceived to be an experience rather than being just another building. With its unique fluid structure, it is an inspiring icon that stands out from the rest, a classic Italian architectural design that never goes out of style.