UDAD Awards 2019

Winner- No. 11 Private Yard | Linjian Design Studio

Zhao Yang: “I hope that the result of my design is as simple as possible, not concise but simple. This simplicity is a kind of plain and pure. I always don’t like the things that are piled up. I like the sense of power without verbosity.


Winner – Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2019
Firm | Linjian Design Studio
Category | Housing (Built)
Team | Zhao Yang, Ma Sitong, Guan Ji, Song Jiawen, Ren Hui
Country | China

So I often restrain my design. The subtraction in space is not the purpose. The purpose is to convey feelings more directly. It’s just like sketching is the easiest way to express ideas. How can a space have the power of a sketch when it is completed? I want to find that feeling.”

The project is located on a riverside in Chaoyang District, Beijing, with rivers to the north, trees to the East and west, grasslands and roads to the south, and farther surrounded by high-rise buildings . This is almost a source of peach garden in the city. We hope to retain this feeling of peace and quiet. We hope that the result of the construction will be like a page of paper on grass, clean, light and quiet.

Functionally speaking, this is a private club where the host works, relaxes and occasionally entertains friends.Therefore, from the perspective of privacy, we first divide the interior into a progressive spatial dynamic line from public to private. First of all, the most public area is the entry-corridor and tea room, the tea room is like a living room, with clear vision and sufficient light. This is also the only “big action” we do on building, cutting the building, making it extremely transparent and public. The other positions of the facade we just sort out it and establish order, which is a kind of “no action”, and “necessary action” we hope it is the ultimate.

Tea room indoor sight reach not only the front yard, but also the back river. Looking up, we can see the sky. The space feeling is bright, but it is easy to expose to the sun in summer. So we made a set of electric shade.

The  entry-corridor connects all the rooms on the whole plane and is the most occupied space. We hope that it will be bright and white in the daytime, and when the sunshine is good, it seems that time stops here. In the evening, we hope that the light is not too strong, so that we can see the courtyard from inside, or our sight will be blocked by the light, so we only made a darker strip wall lamp, which formally echoes the visual feeling of “cutting a gap” on the external facade.

From the indoor entrance, public spaces are on the left, such as dining room. We hope it has less natural light, so that the table can be lit up. At the same time, there are ambient lights on the wall, emphasizing the sense of direction of the position of the Chinese round table. Besides, the simpler the better.

The most private space here is the study and bedroom. In addition to the basic functions, there is a relatively independent and exclusive backyard. In the yard, you can plant some flowers, raise some fish and occasionally barbecue. In spare time, you can take an umbrella, drink tea, it is clean and comfortable.