2021 GFD 🏆 Awards

Second Award | Green Fields Pick Up Wild Rivers | Shanghai Hexi Architectural Design Co., LTD

Greenland Shiyokawa project is a new attempt and breakthrough of Hexi Design for local culture. The design considers the relationship among emotion, culture and site. Among the three spatial functions of food and leisure, accommodation and catering, culture and art, To connect and connect a complex space format that integrates South Vietnam culture, cultural and tourism experience, web celebrity IP, hometown atmosphere, intelligent interconnection, community interaction and many other elements, and bring people an immersive life experience with a comprehensive cultural and tourism community with cultural connotation.

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🏆 Second Award
Global Future Design Awards 2021

Green Fields Pick Up Wild Rivers
Hotel & Bar Interior Built

Shanghai Hexi Architectural Design Co., LTD

Shanghai Hexi Architectural Design Co., LTD

Design Team
Yong Zhao、Binquan He

Foshan City, Guangdong Province


©Shanghai Hexi Architectural Design Co., LTD

Designed to extract the non-material cultural heritage of classical inheritance foshan, such as rica lion, copper chisel paper-cut, paper umbrella, cake printing, and so on art history, through the cultural integration of IP, with traditional elements as the base, inheriting ancient craftsmanship, with contemporary gimmick to foil, transformed into a new trend, combine the two, to redefine the elegance of romantic.

Culture meets the trend, bearing the heart of the hometown

The project is located in Gaoming Gengghe Town, Foshan City, which has abundant ecological resources. The design is carried out along the mountain slope to create a tourism destination that integrates nature, culture and life style. This natural culture and art village, which belongs to South China, is restoring the unique mountain “wild interest” of South Vietnam.

Reception hall of vegetable creative cuisine

Umbrella light fixtures depict a delicate scene,

In cadence, in order,

Enriches the flexibility of the whole space,

Feel the innovative extension of South Vietnamese culture in the modern context.

Vegetable Creative Food Lobby

The grille is integrated with the weaving,

Between them, if the shadow is visible,

Not only to ensure a relatively private space,

Can contain a sense of mystery.

Vegetable creative food box

Umbrellas and plums provoke spatial emotions

Red and gold form a strong contrast,

With a large gray balance,

To achieve visual harmony,

Create an inclusive, lively and interesting space.

One wood inn hall

Red is the surprise of the warm,

The integration of cultural elements is very recognizable,

In just the right light,

The space is also more playful.

A wooden hotel room

Low saturation grey wood veneer,

Simple and layered,

Life and communication seem to converge here.

Respect culture and focus on people’s needs,

In the context of comfort,

Reasonable configuration of functions and moving lines.

Manual snacks

Wood decoration space,

The rattan weave is light and graceful,

Red embellishment sublimation,

The activity and bustle gradually subsided,

In its place was peace and serenity.

A hand made

Whether simple or dull,

Or heavy or vivid,

Using aesthetic principles to restore the unique South Vietnamese culture,

The understanding of life and the pursuit of beauty,

Break out of tradition and lead people to explore the ultimate life.

South Vietnam Art Museum

The original wooden sloping roof is embedded with a traditional wooden grille,

Build multidimensional three-dimensional space.

The light belt faints the richness of the space,

The stone meets the grille,

At this moment, the traditional and the modern identify with each other,

At a glance, is the culture of the home.

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