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Third Award | Dongguan CBD Parking Building | GWP Architects

Dongguan CBD parking building base planning area of 4844 square meters, a total construction area of 20575 square meters, is Dongguan city image renewal, relieve the city traffic pressure of the first pilot parking building project. The site selection of the project is located at the junction of Shizhu Road and Tiyu Road in Guancheng District, which belongs to the key core urban area of Dongguan. The base is surrounded by green landscape and is about 200 meters away from the Dongguan Municipal Government as a straight line. Besides, it is surrounded by the municipal government administration, offices, businesses, hotels and other urban functions, which is an important venue to show the urban culture of Dongguan.

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🏆 Third Award
Global Future Design Awards 2021

Dongguan CBD Parking Building
Public Building Concept

GWP Architects

GWP Architects

Design Team
GWP Architects

Dongguan, China


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The area has long been a lack of parking Spaces, ground roads occupied parking and other multiple traffic problems. Starting from the actual functional requirements of the project, the GWP team combined the innovative design concept with the overall image of the new urban landmark, striving to solve the parking congestion problem in the area while creating a convenient and comfortable traffic experience for urban commuters. Create a new place in the city where people can stop.

The concept of this project is inspired by the unique winding water veins in the water town of Dongguan and the core location of “one heart and two axes” where the project is located. It is proposed that the two extended urban main roads converge as a dynamic ribbon of flowing water, which reorganizes, sorts, twists and constructs the disorderly parking situation in the surrounding areas into the space and skin language of parking buildings. Organize the vehicle action line with the trend of infinite flow and rotation; Thus, the two dynamic curves spiral up and meet to form the parking building as a whole, like the architectural image of urban sculpture.

The design of the project uses the unique car flow line of the parking building as the traction force to generate the volume through the continuous circulation of the building. Finally, it is optimized and deformed with the geometric shape of the site to achieve a pure and simple architectural form. The continuous and circular facade “ribbon” runs through every corner of the building, giving rise to a series of rich and diverse spatial forms, and visually creating an architectural language that is integrated with the surrounding urban environment from inside to outside — enjoying tranquility while respecting and enhancing the value of the surrounding environment.

The project is nearing completion and is expected to be put into use in the middle of this year.

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