2022 IID 🏆 Awards

Silver Winner – Celebrity Square Michelin Restaurant by Chongqing Mixiu Interior Design Co., Ltd.

Chinese food is all about human courtesy, and among them, Cantonese delicacies that can best reflect the ultimate taste buds and are exquisitely presented. In Guizhou, a modern city with plateau characteristics of “a city in a mountain, and a mountain in the city”, Master Zheng Jinfu, who has won two Michelin stars for 6 consecutive years, chose the Sunac State Guest Road Club to bring the high-end Cantonese cuisine celebrity workshop that has been passed down for many years . The ancient capital of Qianzhou, with thousands of years of history and humanistic scenery, explores the origin of the oriental landscape.

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Silver 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2022

Celebrity Square Michelin Restaurant
Restaurant Interior Built

Chongqing Mixiu Interior Design Co., Ltd.

Amy Li, Yi Jhon

Design Team
Ling Gao, Xiaoyi Ding, Peng Xing

Guiyang, China


©Project Photography: Space and Space Photography

After the Confucian master Wang Yangming was demoted to Longchang, Guizhou, he formed a unique academic thought based on the study of mind. Taking this as the source, the designer analyzes the landscape of Guizhou, which is in line with the idea of intimacy and unity proposed by Wang Yangming, and uses a new design idea to interpret the spatial intention in the space that adheres to the rules. The substitution of perception creates a spatial style that is unique to the local area of Guiyang。

From the river crossing, the horns rang through the mountains. We are in the sea of clouds and mountains, sitting and watching Yunjuan Yunshu. The walls of the vestibule are clad in metallic brass, and the shapes of the landscape are drawn with great technique.

The mountains in Guizhou are stacked with peaks, The designer integrates the natural mountains as a design element into the space to form a high and low interior scene. The wall is made of wooden grilles to form a mountain shape, and in the dim light, it interprets the deep sense of Chinese artistic conception.

Water moistens all things, winding in the deep gorges and valleys, the water droplets are gurgling, soft winding, pure white lines make the space full of clean and neat visual tension. The space layout is centered on the round table, and the sofas and scattered seats are arranged in an orderly manner, so that the functionality is no longer single.

“The cloud is deep and I don’t know where it is, but only in this mountain”, which fits the landform style and integrates the clouds and fog into the space atmosphere, creating a natural wildness after the empty mountains and new rains. With soft lighting, the materials and textures are integrated and reorganized, and you can feel the natural rhythm of the space while walking.