2022 IID 🏆 Awards

Silver Winner – Greentown Blue Qianjiang by Anshe Art Studio

Let’s dismantle the space structure of this residence and gain some insights into the needs of the clients, envisioning scenarios in different functional layers and situations. The lighting of the original space decoration is poor, the amount of structural columns is large, and the style is rather heavy and depressing. How to make the space feel more permeable and breathable, and the space utilization rate is higher, has become the focus of design.

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Silver 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2022

Greentown Blue Qianjiang
Residential Interior Built

Anshe Art Studio

Anli Mao

Design Team
Anli Mao, Dapeng Zhang

Hangzhou, Zhejiang


©Yin Zhang

First, we changed the decoration style. The original house is of classical European style, covered with marble and suede materials, with deep color, and poor maintenance, which makes it dull. Combining with customers’ own preferences, we changed it to modern and concise. The color is mainly light gray, and a large number of stone materials have been changed to light wood veneer. The ground is dominated by white marble. Press the black metal baseboard. The whole vision is bright.

The second step is structural transformation. The stairs used to be hidden ladders, but we changed them to open ones. After the stairs were changed, the decorative structure also changed. When it was demolished, it was found that the beam of the original building was very high. On the basis of changing the orientation and structure of the stairs, we increased the storey height of the porch. The ceiling of the original decorated porch area is very low, and there is another storage room that has no practical function. There is no natural light, so it is visually cramped. Now it has been raised by nearly 40cm, and the previous storage room has been pushed away. The direction of the stairs has been changed, and the width of the stairs has been expanded. Once you enter the main entrance door, the space is greatly increased, and the view is bright.

The third step is to change the bathroom in each suite. The use of space is more rational.

One vegetable, one meal, the light is amiable. The meaning of home is warming up in the time spent by the family. The open pattern of the dining room is the same as that of the living room, which maximizes the scenery outside the window, so that you can see the nature and prosperity in close proximity. In terms of functional planning, the designer specially planned the open western kitchen island platform and the Chinese kitchen isolated from lampblack in combination with the household’s eating habits.