UDAD Awards 2019

Third Award- River House | Luciano Gerbilsky Arquitctos

Inspired by our clients, the natural surroundings and Mexican artisans, we have created a unique blend of elegant and rustic interior design.  A fine finish and mix of materials that mimic the natural surroundings, allow you to enjoy every detail of this house.  A large entrance door, designed especially for this project, invites you in.  The back side of the bar guides you in towards the foyer with a large wood chimney that warms the whole house on chilly nights.  A life size bull, an incredible Oaxacan work of art known as an Alebrije, greets every guest. 


Third Award- Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2019
Firm | Luciano Gerbilsky Arquitctos
Category | Residential Interior (Built)
Team | Luciano Gerbilsky and Sandra Wainberg
Country | Mexico

Parota, Alamo and Pine wood are used in many items of the house.  All wood is from reforestation forests. Spider quartzite countertops are used in the interior kitchen as well as a stone backsplash.  Iron shelves hang above the high pressure stove that hold the extractor hood and may also be used to place pots and pans.  A double refrigeration system, large pantry and one gas and one electric stove are the main features. This kitchen gives service to the breakfast room which is surrounded by a steel and glass structure facing the garden, river and surrounding forest.  Alongside the kitchen is the interior dining room which seats 12, divided by a designed structure made in wood above a serving hatch.  All the lighting has been designed to fit each space.  Above the dining room table a multi-level aged bronze chandelier hangs from chains from the 6-meter-high celling.  

Floor in the terrace is ceramic that has been treated by hand to give a unique rusted look.  Interior floors are made with engineered oak wood with Nest heating system. The celling is coated with alamo wood to give a warm feeling.  The piece de résistance, two bronze horseshoe lamps which pass through each of the three levels, become a part of the interior design as well as the façade.  One is 9.5 meters long and parallel in the other volume is the 7-meter-long piece.

One of the main reasons to have a week-end home is to relax.  Cozy bedrooms with the right lighting, lush bedding and beautiful furniture entice rest and relaxation.  Walls are lined with soft leather framed with grey Charrot wood.  Furniture for the master bedroom is designed to fit a small fridge, chimney and space for tableware.  All rugs are designed for each space and made in Pakistan by artisans that comply with the Child Care and Protection Act.  On the lower level there is a full spa with sauna, Hamman and massage area. 

In the main bathroom, in the humid area we have a tub and a ledge for amenities made from black granite and white ornament ceramic and black faucets.   Closets are made in black wood with details in antique bronze and leather.  As in all our projects, the design of each bathroom and kitchen is unique.  The guest bathroom has many particular items, a sink made from a large piece of stone, and designed wall paper in grey and blue tones. The distinctive lamp is made with a bronze frame covered by wool tinted in blue and grey. The bathrooms are perceived more like a cozy restroom thanks to the chosen furniture and finishing.  Each bathroom has a private garden.

The textiles used are carefully selected for each area.  For the lounge area closest to the pool, the chosen material is suede treated and water proofed.  A gas chimney is strategically placed between the pool and the upper lounge area which allows this area to be used no matter what the weather is like.  Within the lounge area is another chimney, powered by alcohol, made in black stone and steel that also functions as a center table. On the opposite side of the pool, alongside the river is the deck made from Comaru wood with Teka lounge chairs with cushions lined with material made for exteriors.  From the deck you can access the lower garden that hosts a Jacuzzi for 10 people next to a fire pit with wool lined chairs.     

River House is an intelligent house.  Lighting, climate, sound and security systems are controlled automatically.  State of the art technology is also seen in the multimedia room while sitting on the large sofa for 8 people or the two individual armchairs placed around a second alcohol fueled table/chimney in steel and black stone.  On the service bar there is a popcorn maker, hotdog warmer, coffee machine and mini bar.  Adjacent is the cutting edge wine cellar with natural stone and black stained wood walls.  The wine is placed in bronze barrels with soft lighting on the walls that surround a tasting table made from Parota wood and a steel base all within a perfectly controlled wine climate.