UDAD Awards 2019


An architectural marvel, TEN YORK is a 725-unit, 65-storey condominium residence that soars 735 feet above Toronto’s urban core. Recognized by its triangular-shaped wedge, this LEED certified, Tier II Toronto Green Standard building is a model of iconic significance, serving both residential and business sectors. With its tall stance, the grandeur of the exterior façade is reflected in classically designed interiors, impressive in both look and scale.


Second Award- Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2019
Category | Residential Interior (Built)
Team | Dan Menchions and Keith Rushbrook
Country | Canada

Influenced by the architecture of the peripheral podium levels, the design features vertical, visual textures of glass and faceted concrete, with furniture and finish selections that honour this vernacular. Underlying thematic eye-catching vertical elements are found throughout the building in wall treatments similar to the lobby, while the interior finishes are a richer palette of natural material and abundant textures for a livable look of luxury.

Stepping into the multi-storey lobby, an impression of reverence radiates off the awe inspiring row of grand structural columns clad in polished stainless steel. Rising within the 40 foot high glass vitrine are luminous rows of columns on view for the buslting pedestritian street front. Classic and sophisticated, the lobby is finished with natural stone, marble and a visually textured neutral-hued feature wall showcasing Japanese porcelain listello tile (Inax Sekiha) in staggered levels of length and relief.

Four compelling art installations, by Josephine Meckseper Studio of New York, in the expansive lobby endow vitality and set the tone for the entire project and its handsome collection of art, each piece complementing the design of the space and accentuated by discrete interior lighting.

Maximizing usable space within the distinctive footprint was critical, and led to the strategic development of the building’s lifestyle inspired amenities, offering a range of services representative of the hospitality industry, totalling 20,000 square feet of indoor amenities, and 5,800 square feet of outdoor amenities. Amenity areas include: fitness room, triangular pool, juice bar, multipurpose lounge and dining rooms, entertainment rooms, and roof top terrace. Connecting all hospitality features is a custom designed spiral staircase opitically spectacular in its winding curves, and structurally lined with wood and custom carpeting.

As the main artery of the condominium, the spiraling central staircase guides residents through the amenity levels, past a picturesque green wall, leading up to the triangular-shaped rooftop terrace with a stunning view of Toronto’s skyline. Unique to this terrace are the rectilinear raised plant-beds and concrete paving, that surround the distinctive wedge-shaped pool.

What makes TEN YORK unparalleled in its design is the perfect balance of structural resilience and material beauty. The space evokes a luxuriant essence by reinventing classic forms with its captivating lead features: reflective columns, spiraling staircase, stunning public art sculpture and brilliant use of the well-recognized tapered point at the building’s west façade. Reflective materials are used throughout the interior to animate the space, leading into different levels of the residence. A tribute to the neighbourhood, the glass-box exterior provides a modern lens into the city, reflecting the energy, elegance and vibrancy of its people.