UDAD Awards 2019

Third Award- Yugen Collection | II BY IV DESIGN

Yugen is a Japanese word used to describe the subtle yet profound mysterious sense of beauty in nature. The Yugen Collection is a luxuriously tactile offering of contemporary carpets that evokes beauty derived from natural elements, triggering an emotional response and aesthetic power that moves the senses. The visual energies and patterns found in nature are expressed through five unique designs that represent a combination of the five natural elements: Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Space.


Third Award – Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2019
Category | Household
Team | Dan Menchions and Keith Rushbrook
Country | Canada

In Japan, Yugen is at the core of the appreciation of beauty and art. The Collection stems around the power to evoke beauty, showing a visual variance through brush strokes, thoughtful forms, and sensible gradients.

The collection consists of five patterns: Blossom, Forge, Aura, Eclipse and Cascade. Each is completely customizable in scale, size and colour. The designs began modestly, using a monochromatic grayscale palette to focus on the foundation of each pattern, without letting colour influence a specific focus.

Crisp and precise execution of design was of the utmost important. Every pattern is spun and washed immaculately in order to create the signature effect of each design.

The success of the Collection is in the superb craftsmanship of every piece – executed with the highest quality by limited multi-generational mills across the world, the passion for their communities is reflected in the performance of their craft. The outcome is a product of material superiority and design excellence.

Recognizing that beauty in nature is found by giving all the elements their own space and place to grow is the same concept that was applied to the design of the Yugen Collection. The result is an aesthetic fantasy, begging to be the foundation of any interior space.