WADA 2019 Hospitality  

Tunateca Balfegó Restaurant by EL EQUIPO CREATIVO

The Balfegó family, red tuna fishermen and distributors worldwide, needed a gastronomic space to promote red tuna as a quality product and make the brand known to the general public.

World Architecture & Design Awards 2019
Honorable Mention | Category: Hospitality  
Team: Oliver Franz Schmidt, Natali Canas del Pozo and Lucas Echeveste Lacy
Country: Spain
Website: www.en.elequipocreativo.com

The space becomes an important element of communication, where each of the 3 differentiated zones reflects a different aspect of red tuna and its capture.

In the BLUE ROOM, a large translucent curtain outlines the deep undulating space, where a school of fish swims over our heads, transporting us to the depths of the sea. Within, three big bars float as swimming tuna, while around them tables with varied organic forms resemble its different cuts.

On the upper floor, the two connected PRIVATE ROOMS are inspired by the meat of red tuna. A wood with reddish hues and visible streaks creates a warm cozy atmosphere.

The irregular trapezoidal ceramic pieces reference the skin of tuna and large red boxes serve as a color contrast and connection with other spaces, as kitchen or exterior.

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