WADA 2019 Hospitality Bars & Nightclubs

Lo-Fi by Synecdoche Design

Imagine a ship of space cowboys crashed and discovered an abandoned speakeasy and built it out with scraps from their broken down spaceship revived the space as a cyberpunk bar. That’s what we  imagined  when  we  started  designing  this place. The conversion of a downtown commercial basement   into   a   cyberpunk-speakeasyesque
bar. Using the raw material palette of fieldstone foundation, brick infill walls and fire block tile, the space has a textured haphazard feel brought together by the delineated space through light and fixtures.  A classic wood trimmed bar with vintage French Thonet style stools contrasts with the metal and mesh frame furniture. A stage for performances and seating for various coincidental connections fill the space.

World Architecture & Design Awards 2019
Second Award Award | Category: Hospitality Bars & Nightclubs
Architects: Lisa Sauve
Studio: Synecdoche Design
Team: Adam Smith, Max Neiswander
Country: United States
Website: www.synecdochedesign.com

In order to capture the lighting effects and material roughness  of  an  industrial  tone,  Synecdoche custom fabricated all of the tables and bench seating in the space including all linear lighting fixtures. A blue backed high-top bench sits across from the pink toned bar where stools may stack away for ‘standing room only’ concerts and events. At the back of the space a pair of purple metal mesh booths with black vinyl seating with vertical stitching reflects back to old bench seating in vintage cars while replicating the industrial style of the cyberpunk metal mesh.

The entry stairs and drink rail at the stage mimic light movement through the dashed pattern in the areas of most fluid gathering through entry and  dancing  sequences.  The  drink  rail  lighting simultaneously highlights the custom mural by Nelio covers the wall. At the top of the stairs as you enter guests are greeted by a custom neon logo in the window with a preview mural. At the bar, another custom neon designed by Jeremy Wheeler sweeps across the back bar as a dragon moves across the light toned bar.

Finally, in the details of the bathrooms a framed opening in the wall presents a view not of yourself in the mirror but of the exposed fieldstone rock of the historic business. A low light frame in pink or blue gives an depth deceiving view of the wall. A full length mirror opposite the rock light abyss to check-out your look with a textured and lit background.

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