2020 UDAD 🏆 Awards

Winner: Boga Collection for Hollis + Morris | REPUBLIC OF II BY IV

The Boga Collection in collaboration with Hollis + Morris offers timeless elegance of nature’s awe-inspiring display of light in the form of a highly sculptural pendant. Boga, which takes its origins from the Old English word “bow” was inspired by the wonders of how wood can be transformed. The result is a breathtaking product that shows a seamless suspension of light with infinite applications, with a multi-generational heirloom piece quality.

Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2020

Boga Collection for Hollis + Morris
Household Design


Keith Rushbrook 

Design Team
Keith Rushbrook and Dan Menchions



©REPUBLIC OF II BY IV and Hollis + Morris

High-quality and innovative, the Boga Collection combines LED technology and high-quality fabrication techniques to create a flawlessly even glow that flows from end to end. By celebrating the use of wood, a noble material, each individual piece helps define its space and ambience.  

The Boga Collection shines as a distinct solitary light enriched by playful minimalism. With endless display options, these whimsical pendants can be combined into an individual sculpture or into clusters to create a vision of abstracted tree branches. Locally produced and sourced, each pendant is milled out of one natural wood piece using 5-axis technology to follow the natural curve of the wood grain. The design teams focused on creating a pendant that embodies a natural wood grain finish that flows into the piece seamlessly for a pristine and clean aesthetic.  

Inspired by narrow natural wood material, the Boga Collection pendants maximize the surface area available to emit light, delivering glow with absolutely no shadowing. The substantive solid wood frame supports its elongated scale and lends to its striking yet whimsical presence. Customizable, and dimmable from cool to warm tone, with wood finishes offered in primarily natural ash, walnut and black stain and metal finishes in brushed brass, brushed nickel and brushed copper, the Boga Collection is an elegant complement to any residential, hospitality or commercial interior.

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