2020 UDAD 🏆 Awards

Winner: Hammock House | Upstairs Studio, Inc. Architecture

Hammock House is a single-family residence designed for a site gifted with a mature and thick oak hammock. The property has over 30 live oaks which form a green and lush envelope for the home to reside within. 

Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2020

Hammock House
Residential Low Rise Concept

Upstairs Studio, Inc. Architecture

Maricarmen Martinez

Design Team
Maricarmen Martinez, Monica Socorro, Patricia Ponce, Karina Porcari

United States

United States

©Upstairs Studio, Inc. Architecture

The objective for the design is to create an architecture that is transparent while also feeling grounded and permanent. An outdoor contemplation pavilion from which to see and feel the nature around it. The house is to tread lightly on the site to minimize the disturbance to the grounds and existing foliage. We wanted to maintain the existing tree footprint and canopy and tuck our structure within and below the space these magnificent trees create. The house is not precious and delicate, it is envisioned as organic and of materials that are sturdy and its texture, rugged. 

The home is sustainable by the design, systems used and materials specified. The house is situated to take advantage of sunlight, prevailing breezes and shade. It is designed to cross ventilate and be illuminated with natural daylight. Strategic use of overhangs protects the openings and spaces within from direct sunlight and falling rain. The site design takes advantage of the natural conditions and reduces the need for cooling, artificial illumination, and risks associated with water intrusion. We employ available technology to make the house energy efficient and conserve water. Every system was evaluated to meet conservation and efficiency goals. We specified materials that are sustainably grown and/or procured, that are healthy for the users and that have long life spans, thus reducing waste.

We design easy and efficient spaces that contribute in a positive way to our quality of life. We believe in an architecture that is permanent, that is able to age gracefully and does not need extraordinary maintenance and care. We strive to create meaningful spaces in memorable landscapes.

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