2020 GFD 🏆 Awards

Winner: CIITA by HADVD Arquitectos

The creation of a Center for Innovation and Integration of Advanced Technologies (CIITA) is created to meet the demand of the different industrial sectors, with the idea of ​​improving the salary values of the researcher / employee ratio in the industry, to optimize the destination of resources to support research for the development of technology and innovation; which is a culture of promoting innovation in the state of Chihuahua.

Winner- Global Future Design Awards 2020
Firm | HADVD Arquitectos
Architect/Designer | Carlos Eduardo Villegas Duarte
Category | Institutional Building Concept
Team | Principals Hugo Alonso Amparan de León / Carlos Eduardo Villegas Duarte Design/technical team: Francisco Diaz, Guillermo Morales, Mariana Aguirre, Karla López, Paulina Huerta, Josimar Bocanegra, Victor Guzman, Ana Karen Vazquez, Leonardo Fernandez, Alma Cabello.
Country | Mexico
Photographer/Copyright | ©HADVD Arqutectos
Location: Av. Vicente Guerrero, and Blvd. Antonio J. Bermúdez, Cd. Juárez, Chihuahua.

Estimated year for construction: 2020
Year designed: 2018/2019
Designed area (m2): 7,700 m2

©HADVD Arqutectos

Manufacturers / Products

Interface / flooring
Hunter Douglas / Ceiling
Castel / Ceramic tile
Magg and Tecno Lite / Lighting
Aluminio y Tecnologia de Chihuahua (Al-tech) / glass and windows
Rolformados / envelope ventilated systems
Herman Miller / Furniture
Troldtek / Ceiling and acoustic walls

Expressing the innovative nature of this research center is its main factor. With more than 7,000 m2 of construction, this innovation center seeks to provide flexible and dynamic spaces that foster the collaborative spirit that a research and innovation center demands, also by favoring spaces that encourage creativity. The use of translucent office capsules, laboratories, transition areas, and in general, spaces for collaborative work used in this building are part of a great master plan for an important economic sector of Ciudad Juárez.

Communal meeting rooms and central “plazas” emphasize the intention to create a collaborative research and innovation center. Starting from two distribution blocks, where the main building, one of the blocks, houses an exhibition pavilion focused on the manufacturing industry, that highlights the human and technological potential of the region; in addition to the multipurpose rooms for exhibitions, training, workshops and conferences, this building is the component where the interaction of researchers and creators from the industry with permanent and flexible workspaces will dwell. The building that complements the center is the laboratory spaces, the second block; models for manufacturing wood, metal, plastics and prototyped advanced 3D printers, features also an anechoic chamber with the purpose to do analysis and acoustic measurements to make samples for the development of advanced technologies and new manufacturing techniques in robotics, artificial intelligence, smart device energy, and nanotechnology.

Inspired by the natural elements and cultural aspects of the Chihuahua state interacting with a space that fosters creativity and innovation derived from technology.

The building displays on its façade a wrapping envelope that replicates the shapes and colors of the Samalayuca desert dunes; as well as the massive elements, that simulate large rocks in reference to the copper canyons, that allow us to understand the formal proposal inspired by nature and which takes form by the use of technological elements and systems to carry it out its construction. Towards the interior, the pattern in the shades and textures of the carpet flooring replicates the art of the artisans of the famous Mata Ortiz pottery. And for its auditorium, reference is made to the natural marvel of Naica’s cave formations, giving it a cavern- like appearance, privileging materials that favor the acoustics of the space.

With CIITA, the target is to promote innovation, transfer and technological development of sectors identified as strategic in the State of Chihuahua, generating, developing and articulating scientific and technological projects that contribute to a more competitive and sustainable economic development, taking advantage of the potential of the region for the benefit of its population .

The main purpose of the project is to establish a regional innovation ecosystem that integrates the three sectors of the population: Government, universities and industry. This to associate with other support institutions (public or private organizations and independent professionals that provide specialized assistance and knowledge), entrepreneurs (students, researchers, professionals and industrialists who seek to transform an idea into something with value).

From the economic point of view, the creation of the Center for Innovation and Technological Integration in Ciudad Juárez will impact the region in different ways:

1) Generation of technological leaders and entrepreneurs making the economy more productive by creating less public cost; 2) Emergence of new high-tech companies, through advice and incubation with an emphasis on research, innovation and technological development, generating an impact in the area through the generation of foreign exchange and the production of goods and services for export; in addition to the economic spill derived from the development of new products, technologies and value-added services.

The creation of the CIITA will impact the area by generating jobs, for direct or indirect employment, it will also impact directly the growth of shared-use scientific-technological infrastructure for the development of new products and provision of services to the local industrial sector and the maquiladora export industry.

All accomplished with the creation of 6 laboratories: Materials Analysis, Electronic Design, Integration 4.0, Additive Manufacturing, Metrology and EMC Testing; 18 electronic skills and 14 mechanical skills will be generated, in addition to software development skills.

From the social point of view, the creation of the Center for Innovation and Technological Integration in Ciudad Juárez, will impact the region in different ways: 1) The offer of International Quality postgraduate courses in association with Research Centers, Universities and Institutes of higher education in the region, by generating highly qualified human resources, this consortium is estimated to consist of 31 entities: 6 academics, 5 business associations, 11 companies, 4 Science and Technology Centers, and, 5 government agencies .; 2) Created for the conception of an innovation ecosystem in the borderplex region of Ciudad Juárez, where the development of new technology-based businesses in the region will be fostered by the state government, increasing the link of the academic-productive sector for the development of technological projects giving incentive to technological innovation through counsel and incubation ; and 3) Fostering a culture of research and innovation of advanced technologies in the region.

The improvement of the reputation, in terms of innovation and technological development, of Ciudad Juárez and increasing the inter-institutional collaboration of higher education institutes in the region, with Research Centers and other institutes in the state, the country and abroad.