2021 GFD 🏆 Awards

Winner | Falcó House | Stemmer Rodrigues Architecture

Located at Costa Brava, approximately 100 km from Barcelona (Spain), the city Saint Feliu de Guixols is the setting for this project. Amid native vegetation, the land occupies a slope overlooking the Mediterranean. 

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🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2021

Falcó House
Private Residential Architecture Concept

Stemmer Rodrigues Architecture

Roberto Stemmer

Design Team
Roberto Stemmer, Ingrid Stemmer, Paulo Henrique Rodrigues

Saint Feliu de Guixols, Spain


©Arthur Mendes

The whole project respected the rigorous local legislation, for the color palette, volumetry and area as well. 

The house project was implemented transversally implanted, in a horizontal plan with two main volumes. In this region, harmony is a premise, which defined the use of white concrete, as well as sober forms, with large cantilevered marquees. A winding line of wooden panels connects the two volumes, the social area and the suites, both protected by slabs with green roofs.

The main environments are facing south, privileged by the view over the sea and the best solar orientation.

The architectonic project respected the rigorous local legislation, which protects the landscape. A limited area of 1,075m² was considered, creating a house to attend the residents’ needs within the permitted space, making sure the construction respected the land and did not damage it. 

In one of the ground volumes we have the social area, with a living room, a gourmet space and kitchen; in the other, there is a private area with three suites. On the lower floor, there is the guests’ area, with a living room, game room, and suites connected with a garden with an ofurô. The pool emphasizes the connection between home and place, and the infinite edge mimics the sea, reinforcing the feeling of continuity

The interior design project is minimalist, enhancing the natural wood furniture of Brazilian designers, such as Sérgio Rodrigues, Ricardo Fasanello, Jader de Almeida, and the Brazilian- Romenian Jean Gillon, in line with the sculptural concept of the residence. 

The neutral tons, the whites and off whites were chosen so a sense of harmony could be achieved between the house and its surroundings, imprinting on the project a feeling of unity, respecting its habitability and landscape. 

Finally, the landscaping with native species frames the house to whoever sees it from the sea, as the green roof mimics the construction in the facade facing the street, camouflaging itself into the land.

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