2021 GFD 🏆 Awards

Winner | Voz Building | Stemmer Rodrigues Architecture

Located in Petrópolis, in Porto Alegre, Voz is an enterprise originated from the wish of a dialogue among spaces, people and the city. In its conception, the word voice resonates in all environments and creates, as a consequence, the concept of movement — the sound produced by movement and the integration of places — some more silent and others louder.

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🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2021

Voz Building
Residential Architecture Concept

Stemmer Rodrigues Architecture

Roberto Stemmer

Design Team
Roberto Stemmer, Ingrid Stemmer, Paulo Henrique Rodrigues

Porto Alegre – Brazil



The base of the building is comprised of two elements. The sinuous concrete marquee in the horizontal block and the weathering steel panels pierced with botany art drawings created by Carol Petersen. This complex symbolically creates the sound of the building.

During the day, the light has an influence on the lower facade, with horizontal lines in exposed concrete between floors, creating a slight pleated and asymmetrical effect.

From the public promenade to the main hall the passage is assimilated by the project in a discreet and gentle way. Above the two levels of garage, all the common area was raised to the third pavement, reinforcing the residents’ privacy and allowing panoramic looks.

The Foyer Voz – name given to a get-together lounge in the common areas – brings generous open spaces which will be filled with sound, a meeting place for the neighbors. Around the piano, they can share a space architecturally planned for happy moments. In this area, there is also the gourmet space, a dining area and furniture to celebrate icons from the Brazilian design, like a family living room, as if all the residents were part of the same big family.

Still part of the common areas, the 25 meters swimming lane pool, fitness room, beside the Montessori playroom with a playground and pet area, which foster the interaction among neighbors. A special attention was also given in relation to the mind care, with the creation of a Zen Space, intended to the practice of yoga, meditation and massage. In this space, the user is greeted by tiles in red tones, furniture in exposed wood and floor heating. The Zen Space is connected to a small contemplation garden. In the gardens, native species are denser to ensure privacy and to reinforce shelter and coexistence.

Regarding the layout, the units received versatile blueprints, so each type of resident and future resident had a suitable apartment, taking into consideration different life styles. The units were also designed to receive complete projects of house automation controlled by voice.

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