2021 GFD 🏆 Awards

Winner | Songkhla WOOD Heritage Hotel | Taweecool Architects

Wood is universally beautiful to man. It is the most humanly intimate of all materials           _Frank Lloyd Wright

A truly Songkhla’s welcome landmark, an experience that brings people together. Owner-inspired

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🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2021

Songkhla WOOD Heritage Hotel
Hospitality Architecture Concept

Taweecool Architects

Prof. Khiensak Seangklieng, PhD., ASA.

Design Team
hiensak Seangklieng, Sirichai Thontong

Songkhla, Thailand


©Taweecool Group

Wood naturally in corporates a sophisticated ‘biotechnology’ that allows you to follow the strength lines of the applied loads while maintaining the lightness and slimness of the construction elements. These structural features are combined with excellent aesthetics and physical-technical qualities making it a first-rate constructive material, that comes in a wide variety of color, texture, and grain. Wood, however, is much more than that. It was the first material available to man, along with stone, and since then has accumulated meanings which are still recognized today by architectural cultures all over the world. These cultures have established an almost sentimental relationship of trust and confidence with wood, both when used according to traditional patterns as well as in contemporary forms and design experiment (Seangklieng: 2020)

Songkhla WOOD Heritage Hotel, the recent design example shown demonstrate the potential of wood in a wide range of applications and contexts, always allowing for optimal environmental integration.

Taweecool Architects designed Songkhla WOOD Heritage Hotel opens to the public as a new iconic landmark in Songkhla, Thailand, the new design of hotel with innovative approach introducing a sculptural and monumental green space.

The wood-inspired patterns of façade design is where architect began as a starting point for the design inspiration of the hotel. Before entering the hotel, welcoming canopy glow above the front entrance to the hotel which design as a focal point or a visual approach to the guests.

Arriving in lobby, a blend of wood and vernacular-inspired materials, texture, and unique patterns can be seen everywhere of the hotel. Once inside the hotel, guests arrive to an interior decoration with wood culture of Songkhla and Southern region. This timeless style with integrated design provides an unexpected experience of an ambient interior architecture.

Songkhla WOOD heritage hotel is uniquely themed and style. Art and architectural concepts are the core brand approach; often considered a design-oriented idea of wood’s tectonic and craftsmanship. Songkhla is a city of art and culture: old and new, day and night, authentic meets fusion. The heritage of wood and its wisdom is the main concept of owner’s inspiration.

From thinking-based sketch, the architect sought to create a playful design syntax between architectural tectonics and integrated design with authentic values, a fusion of old and new period styles and throughout a use of wood with touches of Thai culture.

Architecturally, the building designs are uniquely modern wood-inspired approach. The façade design integrates with both tangible and intangible qualities and values of traditional and vernacular architecture of the region. The lobby, restaurant and ballroom are re-interpreted the concept of ‘Uniquely Wood’ and new landmark of Songkhla.

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