2021 GFD 🏆 Awards

Winner | Foshan Meisha Bilingual School | GND Jiedi Landscape Design

Create space in reason, develop comprehension with art Foshan Meisha Bilingual School is a composite educational institution created by Vanke Foshan with great efforts, which aims to realize one-stop service covering life hosting, subject tutoring, hobbies cultivation, and development of studies and research skills of students, and a nine-year system boarding school that advances the reform of educational methods and learning space. Located on the waterside of the beautiful Xianxi and adjacent to University town near Lion Hill which integrates abundant educational resources.

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🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2021

Foshan Meisha Bilingual School
Landscape Architecture Built

GND Jiedi Landscape Design

GND Jiedi Landscape Design

Design Team
Qiu Ge, Zhong Yongcheng, Li Bing,Zhou Wen, Pan Fangyi, Mo Benying, Liu Zhifeng, Liu Yun, Zuo Chaohui,Yang Shuguang, Chen Chen, Huang Juan, Zhang Jie, Zheng Louhong, Zeng Fengling,Zhou Peng, Hu Mingyao



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Inheritance and exploration

Create a diverse communication platform by link of space

GND starts from “bounded” to “unbounded” design concept in the landscape creation of Foshan Meisha Bilingual School. In terms of external design, the square in the campus opens to the city, promoting the integration between them; while in terms of internal design, the form of combining “gallery, courtyard, lane and platform” in Chinese traditional architecture is adopted for creating a borderless space integrating architecture, landscape and interior as a whole. Through making full use of space, a multi-dimensional space for learning, living and interaction is hence created.

Diversified and Compound

Garden community-type campus with growing memories

Adhering to such a campus design, the faculty and students are encouraged to indulge in the vitality of campus culture in the new era. Courtyard, corridor, terrace and playground and other functional space are connected in series, to form an organism jointly and create four parts covering intelligent sports, art immersion, science and technology empowerment, and outdoor experience.

Through constructing a variety of life scenarios covering reading, learning, sports, socializing, the relationship between school and environment, nature and people, and the creation of multiple pleasant experiences are formed, to enrich children’s spiritual and cultural growth.

In consideration of display aspect and space interest of project, architectural “yellow box” element is adopted for the design of campus main entrance, coupled with logo wall and honor wall design, the complete fusion of landscape and architecture echoes with urban interface. Leisure benches and boulevard square are set as a buffer space between street and school activities, making the campus interact with the city.

The landscape design of corridor has multiple vertical traffic, which connects the courtyard on the first floor with the platform on the second floor closely. The pattern on corridor extracts the element of polyline style steps, uses red tones representing “enthusiasm” and “vivacity” in large area, which infuses color vitality into school buildings and inspires the nature of children for play.

Outdoor experience

Entertaining roof that can be free to explore

In the landscape design of this project, GND Design breaks the concept of the traditional campus, fully optimizes the space function and improves space utilization through design, providing a campus space that integrates art, technology, intelligence and multiple experience as a whole for teachers and students, and creating a campus of freedom, openness, communication and sharing in new era.

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