2020 IID 🏆 Awards

Winner: Living with Modrens – Sa-tisfyig Living by Guangzhou Art’s Ark Decoration Design Co.,Ltd

According to the residents’ living habits, under the limitation of the building’s fixed load-bearing structure, the dismountable wall was transformed in a revolutionary way. Under the condition of maintaining the integrity and independence of the spatial function, the application of the spatial function was strengthened to a greater extent. Dynamic activities complement each other through static rest and enjoyment, and artistic atmosphere and daily living complement each other.

Winner – International Interior Design Awards 2020
Firm | Guangzhou Art’s Ark Decoration Design Co.,Ltd
Designer | Wenty Zhao

Project Category | Residential Interior Built
Project Team | Wenty Zhao
Country | China
Photographer/Copyright | ©Miangui Huang

©Miangui Huang

From the whole to the part, the space is divided neatly, so that the structure and shape form a geometric contrast between large and small blocks and long lines, so as to achieve greater practicability and greater visual extension. The perceptual cultural symbols are placed in the rational structural graphics.

To meet the living needs and style hobbies of the residents, the living room integrates the cultural elements of different countries, the artistic texture and colors of different eras, and the three-dimensional points, lines, and planes corresponding to the space are compared with each other. The symbolic attributes and expression techniques are in dialogue with each other, and the spatial level is more three-dimensionally distinct due to the independent art forms.

Under the premise that fixed wood and basic lighting meet most functional requirements, the mobile furniture and lighting are set precisely according to the use characteristics of the space, which not only improves the use of the space function, but also echoes the artistic taste of the residents to a greater extent. Different spatial functions, the specific image of art painting, the contact of the living values of the residents; Adapt to the trend of The Times, also do not forget the traditional etiquette and belief, restaurant background painting “all the best” picture, in order to express the most sincere wishes to the residents.