2020 UDAD 🏆 Awards

Winner: Longquan Well-Chengdu Jingkai White Building | CROX

Chengdu Science and Technology Industry Incubation Park with an overall planning area of 330 thousand square meters, more than 240 science technology and health enterprises have been introduced, including many of the world top 500 companies. The park hopes to build landmark buildings at the entrance, trying to lead the new mode of incubation industry and economy. In order to meet the local environment, culture and industry’s demand, we traced back to its origin and bring a new soul to this region.

Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2020

Longquan Well-Chengdu Jingkai White Building
Office Building Architecture Built



Design Team
C.R. Lin, Zhou Tianye, Sun Lidong, Ni Guoyue, Zhu Jiayi, Li Bangle, Zhu Jinhui, Lin Sen, Li Bentao, Ye Xiunan, Zhuang Xueyan, Zhang Mingzheng, Pan Tianyi

Chengdu, China



On the main entrance square of Chenglong Avenue, a series of hills are standing there, like the outstretched hands to streamline the cars. The ups and downs of the terrain filters the noise on the roads and the winding lane restricts the traffic speed, converting it into a joyful visit. The parking lot is considered with the separation of the vehicles on the lower ground and the pedestrians extended from the large ladders along the landscapes to the inner space.

The atrium is a multi-point layout of alluvial fans, forming mound shaped planting platforms in different sizes and native plants will gradually recover its ecology over seasons. We soften the old rigid buildings to harmonize the stereotyped impression of the traditional enterprise park, achieving a natural and harmonious design in the environment.

Not far from the entrance, you will first see a small building with white facade with drop-shaped windows arranged organically and twinkled under the sunlight. The half-moon pool forms a waterfall from top to bottom, and the sound of water washes the noise of the past. The semi-circle gate and the circular platform echo from top to bottom, forming a metaphor of moon mirroring in the water. Arriving at the inner atrium through the door opening, a large oval pool appears, where the skylight is reflected from the water surface to the surrounding curved glass windows, leaving an unfilled scene on the white wall. The revealing round hole in the pool is connected with the underground to form an atrium, to leave the green bamboo slightly appears. Light penetrates through the leaves and the diamond-shaped glass on the bottom, along with the light wave points dancing in the shadows of the trees below, forming a wonderful water-light concerto. The hollow part of the white building reproduces the mysterious realm with the changes of light and shadow.

We design the cultural center in a vibrant dynamic texture, it is the prototype of the circular building. Through the formation of circles, a multi-level spatial space is formed to achieve a coherent exterior and interior experience. Green energy was considered in the design as it collects the rainwater to the pool and cooling the building temperature. The nature power represents architecture, and finally becomes a symbol to share with others.

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