2020 UDAD 🏆 Awards

Winner: Mixed-Use Urban Residential Building | “City Studio” LLC

City Studio is honored to introduce another state-of-the-art design project for capital of the ancient country Armenia. The building is located on the shore of Hrazdan canyon, which is a unique dividing line between urban life and nature just in the middle of the city.

Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2020

Mixed-Use Urban Residential Building
Mixed-Use Architecture Concept

“City Studio” LLC

Samvel Gyulnazaryan

Design Team
Samvel Gyulnazaryan, Vahram Snkhchyan, Lilit Grigoryan



©”City Studio” LLC 

The project is proposed to be on Barbyus street, close to another architectural monument of the city – Kievyan bridge, connecting three districts of Armenia. The City Studio team has made its best efforts to apply the most actual and modern technique for giving freshness and unique view to the project, so that Yerevan would be able to be proud of another spot of modern urban architecture. The location of the project is chosen to combine three main aspects for living as well as for working at this place: fresh air, inspiring view, and accessibility. Being on the shore of the canyon, tenants can enjoy the cool breeze coming from North, which, together with Hrazdan river floating and thick woods in the canyon is the best source of clean and cool air ever possible. The outstanding view is another key point of this project. Panoramic windows are headed to South-West with a slight whirl towards South on higher floors with a super view to Hrazdan canyon, Kievyan bridge, and Mount Ararat, so there is enough light and warmth coming in. What can be ever better for perfect leisure at home and motivated work? Accessibility is another point for our project. Lots of research has been done to superpose ease of access with outstanding climate and view. The building has total of 17 floors including 3 floors of underground parking lots, 3 floors of business use premises, and 11 floors are used for residential purposes. Panoramic view terraces are seen on the top floors of the building as well, allowing fully enjoy open air space just in their apartments.

            A unique blend of glass, stone, concrete and steel with highly outlined shapes with sharp eve lighting which will allow mention the spot even from faraway corners of Yerevan.

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