2020 UDAD 🏆 Awards

Winner: Jiulianzhou Ecological Wetland Park of Suining City, Sichuan Province | WHYNOT Design Corp

Jiulianzhou Ecological Wetland Park, located in the old town of Suining City, Sichuan Province, is a belt wetland along the Fujiang River.

Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2020

Jiulianzhou Ecological Wetland Park of Suining City, Sichuan Province
Public Landscape Design Built

WHYNOT Design Corp

WHYNOT Design Corp

Design Team
Han Hui, Zhang Wenjuan, Zhao Mingxi, Liu Bo, Jia Luman, Wang Rui, Song Xu, Wang Yuenan, Fan Xin, Niu Xueliang, Wang Yijie, Tao Hai, Du Mengying, Liu Xinghua, Han Lu



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With the concept of sponge city, the project systematically constructed the urban stormwater system to increase the infiltration rate, reducing sources of diffuse pollution and the hazard of flood. The excavation of artificial river can divert and channel the water in the wet season, and establish a complete purification system integrating wetland and river, creating a favorable environment for the survival and growth of animals and plants. Abundant land-water interfaces create different habitats with high, medium and low water levels, which improves the water quality of the landscape in the park as a whole, and increases the ecological benefits and landscape effects of the park.

The reconstruction of the park aims to comprehensively improve functions of daily walking, leisure and entertainment for residents in old town, as the design intentions proposed by Party A for us at the very beginning, “This park must be built into a national wetland park!” “When this park is completed, citizens living near the west of river don’t have to go for a walk in the east of the river!” “This park must have a place for lovers!” “This park should serve as a playground for children!” “This park must have comfortable rest rooms!”…

These simple wishes are exactly our core task in this project. They seemed simple, but provoked our deepest professional reflection. For the first time, we were motivated by a strong feeling of “professional mission”: Design should serve the people!

New Life at the Top of Levees

The once-in-a-century levees can carry colorful life of citizens, as roads at the top of levees have been transformed into a complex space with functions of slow walking, sightseeing, recreation and overlooking, instead of only serving as the passage, which connects the new life to citizens in the old town along the river.

Charming “Bridges”

Bridge –“where there is a river, there a bridge. And where there is a bridge, there is beautiful scenery”. Waters are often accompanied by bridges. Where there is a bridge, there seem to be green trees and flowers on both banks and water below the bridge. A bridge not only represents a “road”, but also a beautiful arc on the water. It can draw the most attention in green scenery; it’s a special “experiencing space” for enjoying the beautiful scenery.

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