2020 UDAD 🏆 Awards

Winner: Yangzhou Central City’s Urban Color Planning | Guangzhou Hongyu Architectural Design Co., Ltd, Guangzhou University

Yangzhou is the historical and cultural cities and a national tourism city with Jiangnan culture charm announced by the State Council. She has the reputation of “the first city of China’s canal”, and is also known as the city of moonlight because of the bright moonlight……Her culture is characterized by profound elegance and seclusion.

Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2020

Yangzhou Central City’s Urban Color Planning
Landscape Design Concept

Guangzhou Hongyu Architectural Design Co., Ltd, Guangzhou University

Guo Hongyu

Design Team
Guo Hongyu, Zhang Dayuan, Liang LInyi, Tan Jiayu , Tan Zhuofeng, Liu Jiangjun, Xu Longquan, Zhu Yongting, Chen Xiaomiao, Mai Yongjian



©Guangzhou Hongyu Architectural Design Co., Ltd

Commissioned by Yangzhou City Planning Bureau, our project team carried out Yangzhou Central City’s urban color planning.

By using the method of color analysis, we find the city color that reflects the historical and cultural traditions of Yangzhou and the natural color genes through the analysis of the daylight environment, natural environment, human environment and traditional architectural color in Yangzhou.

We extracted the color of Yangzhou Gray from the brick walls of ancient buildings in Yangzhou, the Bright moon White from the moonlight color and the Yangzhou City Flower Qiong flower, the Misty rain cyan from the natural environment of rain and fog in the south of the Yangtze River, the Warm autumn tones from the deep chestnut wood structure and hexagonal mosaic brick of traditional dwellings, and the Various shades of black from the black gray tile roof of traditional houses in Jiangnan area.

With these five major colors tones, we have established the exclusive urban color system in Yangzhou, which is “Deep and elegance cyan gray color tone,dotted with warm autumn leaves colors “.

We use typology method and urban space analysis method to draft the urban color planning strategy of different spatial levels and types for Yangzhou city. We apply the recommended urban color spectrum to the composition of the city’s spatial environment in view of the city spatial structure and functional attributes. We mainly plan the spatial structure of urban color, and guide the spatial distribution and change of hue, saturation and value of urban color. We established the recommended urban color spectrum of the district level, and formulated the guidelines and maps of urban color planning, and provide color matching examples of traditional architectural colors in modern architectural design. In addition, we have developed building material guidelines that match the recommended colors in combination with the recommended color spectrum, so that the recommended color spectrum can be more effectively implemented.

In this project, we are committed to explore the color gene of Yangzhou traditional culture and natural environment, and apply it to modern Yangzhou urban space, so as to create a color environment with local significance of Yangzhou, so as to achieve the goal of urban color planning of explaining Yangzhou charm and telling Yangzhou story with color language.

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