2020 GFD 🏆 Awards

3rd Award: AMARA Hotel by SB Architects

Set upon the picturesque Limassol seafront, this ultra-deluxe, five-star hotel boasts 207 guestrooms, a full-service spa, three world-renowned, celebrity chef-owned restaurants, various event facilities and spectacular 180-degree views of the Mediterranean Sea.

3rd Award- Global Future Design Awards 2020
Firm | SB Architects
Architect/Designer | SB Architects
Category | Hospitality Built
Team | SB Architects
Country |United States
Photographer/Copyright | ©SB Architects

©SB Architects

Carefully planned to authentically connect guests to the destination, this immersive hotel draws inspiration from traditional Mediterranean style, scaling and proportions to create a timeless, yet contemporary resort that showcases the destination. Designed as a series of indoor and outdoor experiences, the hotel draws the natural world into a tightly designed plan. The arrival experience is influenced by the proportion and grandeur of Classical Greek architecture. A series of public spaces are designed to reflect the history of the land, including a lobby modeled after a residentially scaled “Iliakos,” or enclosed veranda common to traditional Cypriot architecture, making a framed view of the sea the primary experience. As you move from the entrance into the public areas, the space steps down to a residential scale, creating an intimate ambience.

The journey through the hotel is marked by the discovery of history and culture, recalling a historic time and place. As guests move through the property they are met with local artwork, snippets of sea views and traces of history that existed when the site was the ancient village of Amathus, the speculated birthplace of Aphrodite.

When excavating and clearing the area for construction, remnants including a 50-foot section of an ancient wall and a spring well, were uncovered. To protect and preserve these elements of history, the relics were preserved and celebrated as a unique design feature that expresses the romance and history of an ancient village to guests. The unexpected unearthing of history within the AMARA Spa created opportunities to authentically connect guests to the rich history and romance of the place, creating an unparalleled hospitality experience for guests.

The client wanted the hotel to be a destination, not only for the guest but for the local community. While the azure blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea draw guests’ attention upon arrival, art sculptures and installations created by local artists will entice them into the space. The plan is designed to choreograph experiential moments and exploration throughout, leading the guest though the hotel past local artwork and snippets of sea views. The hotel’s rooftop bar boasts unobstructed views and offers guests an exclusive place to unwind.  

Leveraging locally sourced materials such as Cypriot limestone, which is indigenous to the area and reflective of the strong history of stonemasonry on the island, the SB Architects not only referenced regional architecture but also embraced a sustainable design approach. In addition, the resort landscaping features age-old olive trees, which have been protected, representing the importance of the agricultural history of the island.