2022 CD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Immupeutics Medicine Beijing office | SYA Studio

Immupeutics Medicine is a technology-driven and innovative international biomedical company, focusing on machine learning-based AI platform, patient-oriented clinical research and development of cell therapy and cancer vaccine products.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Chinese Design Awards 2022

Immupeutics Medicine Beijing office
Workplace Interior Built

SYA Studio

Zijing Shang

Design Team
Xinran Gao



©Zijing Shang

In order to show the humanistic care and enterprise culture, separate the path of staff daily work and VIP guests. The opening office area, meeting room, shared office area and other functional areas are set up in the main staff daily circulation. Staff lounge, storage, reading room and others are set up to the opposite direction to provide a quiet place for staff to rest and study.

The lobby can capture and show the enterprise culture, spirit and marketing positioning, using a large area of white sintered stone and part of the industrial feeling stainless steel ornament to express rigorous, calm, and excellence of medical attitude. The clean and bright lobby space forms a light and shade contrast with the elevator hall space dominated by dark gray wood grain stone, increasing the sense of layering for the space.

Employees in the form of channels connected to the lobby entrance and office space, with “time tunnel” design technique, has the sense of the future to the entrance of the tunnel construction curtain wall that appear, glance through the ground stone and matte metal fully introduce natural light and outdoor environment into the tunnel, make people from real time travel to the mysterious science and technology in time and space.
Open shared space, with chromosome – double helix as the design concept, embodies the scientific and technological characteristics of the frontier of modern medicine. More informal discussion space, with green plants, you can change your mood at any time, creating a more relaxed working atmosphere.

The huge “double helix” curved bar and water bar together become the core social place. It has two super-large scale installations: a warm and soft curved solid wood table and a reverse curved pull film lamp directly above, giving people a relaxed and happy atmosphere.

The metallic and warm space bears the enterprise culture of “Get to know Medicine” and the respect for Chinese medicine. The simple and atmospheric texture of the front hall, the time tunnel and the double helix shared space are carefully built, making the space a unique business card of the enterprise and making the project a unique memory point.