2022 GFD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | YUN Park | GOA (Group of Architects)

YUN Park is a newly built residential community located in Tianjin, China. The site is adjacent to the city’s largest urban wetland park, Shuixi Park, the only ecological zone on the western periphery of central Tianjin. By leveraging the site’s unique geographical condition as an urban oasis, the project intends to create a “Jiangnan garden” in the north, which captures the classical Chinese architectural spirit and revives the oriental aesthetics. YUN Park is actively investigating the possibility of initiating a new residential community following the Urban Design Guidelines for Tianjin New Community Pilot Projects in the vision for 2035. The project follows the planning principle of “compact blocks, narrow roads, and a dense traffic network” to foster a people-oriented mixed-use community. It establishes a spatial progression from private to public, emphasizing the idea of “shared, open, green, and livable” to stimulate the community’s vitality.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2022

YUN Park
Residential Architecture (Under Construction)

GOA (Group of Architects)

LING Jian, XU Qi

Design Team
XU Jia, SHEN Qiang, HUANG Lida, YU Dan, ZHANG Linjuan, WU Haiqing

Tianjin, China



The design introduces a public green lane in the center of the site, dividing the plot into two blocks on a human scale basis. The green lane connects different public areas, such as pocket gardens and parks at street corners, forming lively social spaces for daily leisure. A 4000m2 community garden serves as a full-age activity park, which provides not only a public amenity but also an evacuation area in the event of emergencies. The design opens a green pedestrian walkway between the community interface and Shuixi Wetland Park, integrating the residential area and natural surroundings. Rest nodes decorate rich vegetation layers along the path to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

To emphasize the northern China spirit, the project’s overall planning adopts an axisymmetric layout from the Forbidden City. Architecture styles transition from the traditional expression of Shuixi Park to the contemporary of the city. Modernized Chinese-style residential buildings in the west cluster apply a three-section composition on the façade, emphasizing the horizontality and integrating scale and detail. They retain the light and graceful architectural style of the Song Dynasty. Taking the inspiration from the traditional raised cornice, carved beams, and painted rafters, the villas in the east cluster refine these elements into simple and flowing lines through advanced aluminum panels and related craftsmanship, establishing the skyline of oriental aesthetics.

YUN Park is assessed as a Two-Star Green Building according to the Assessment Standard for Green Buildings issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People’s Republic of China. It employs a curtain wall system with double-layer hollow Low-E glass and broken bridge aluminum alloy to reflect more UV radiation, hence reducing the thermal conductivity and providing greater thermal insulation. A proper window-to-wall ratio also reduces the buildings’ heat dissipation and energy consumption. The entire roofs are covered in solar panels to maximize solar energy use. In addition, the aqua garden at the entrance improves the quality of the neighborhood’s microclimate.


Project Name: YUN Park
Location: Tianjin, China
GFA: 190,601 sqm
Design/Built dates: 10/2021 –
Client: Greentown China
Architect: GOA (Group of Architects)
Interior: HWCD (Harmony World Consultant and Design)
Landscape: Landpoint Design
Contractor: Fangbiao Century Planning & Architectural Design