2022 GFD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Huashan White Stone Art Museum | Shanghai PTArchitects

In order to meet the physical and emotional needs of surrounding customers, the design team has been thinking about how to provide a public space for Huashan that is close to nature, art and quality. The design desalinates the space boundary between architecture and landscape, makes architecture melt into the growth of nature, introduces art into life, and achieves the popularization of art.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2022

Huashan White Stone Art Museum
Cultural Architecture (Built)

Shanghai PTArchitects

Mei Yufeng

Design Team
Mei Yufeng, Ma Jingyuan, Shu Xiaoqin, Huang Wentao, Mao Jianwen, Fan Xuehui, Xu Jing, Wang Yushan, Bi Heng, Zhang Jie

Huashan Street, Hongshan District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China


©Zhao Yilong

The form of the art gallery originated from nature. Inspired by the original stone shape, white and grey are the basic colors, forming a natural, pure and integrated visual experience. The facade facing the city is clean and clean, becoming a new landmark without being obtrusive; The side facing the interior merges with the geometry of the park landscape to form an interactive space. Human interaction with nature, interpersonal communication.

Within the sculptural facade, a warm and tranquil interior space, guided by geometric elements and natural light, brings more layers to the whole building and echoes in the space. The main color of pure white is used to build the museum into an “art container” with great capacity and bearing capacity.

White space is the expression of artistic conception in Chinese painting art, while geometry is the most objective expression of western logical thinking. We use square, triangle and trapezoid to create more dimensions of texture. For the same platinum hemp granite material, three different surface layer processing processes are used to match colors. Through comparison, four kinds of layout methods are studied. Litchi surface, matte surface, burning surface platinum hemp stone, with toughened laminated super white glass, delicate but not complicated, in the details of the design, greatly improve the overall quality sense.

The use of a large number of logs, cotton and linen, plain concrete materials in the room are compatible with the external natural elements, creating a natural warm and moist space atmosphere with vitality. Through the processing of the entrance, the clever introduction of light and shadow, breeze, green, blurred the boundary between indoor and outdoor. The inclusion of light in this white stone gallery makes the building a place of empathy.