UDAD 2018 Households

Kura House By M.Yamagishi Atelier

“House of KURA” aims to create a new space and architecture by preserving of the Japanese architecture history and culture that still exists around the house area. Also “House of KURA” proposes to the city council administration as a possibility guideline for a new city planning of large-scale compartment arrangement in front of the station, which is now under planning.

Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2018
First Award | Category: Households
Architects: Mitsunobu Yamagishi
Studio Name: M.Yamagishi Atelier

Country: JAPAN
Website: www.yamagishiarchi.wixsite.com

“KURA” used to be storage of goods such as sake cellar and rice. This style is possible to protect interiors and family from recent harsh Japanese environment, in 40 degree of humid summer and cold winter. The house is used a lot of local woods and materials such three-wave stones for adopting “Karesansui” which refers to the style of dry landscape garden. This house is considered the local environment.

“Karesansui” is an ancient Japanese garden style expressing landscape of mountain water by placing stones and sands, without using pond and running water. It was influenced of an ink painting of ancient China and it is famous for Ryoanji temple in Kyoto.

This garden style gives an extraordinary space for inviting guests and can become a place where family get relax. Furthermore, the garden supposes safety playground and education space for children.

The solar radiation-shielded garden provides a safe and comfortable living environment coexisting with the natural environment.

This house provides a flexible and simple space that can be adapted to changes in the future lifestyle. The office and main bed room on the 1st floor allows to welcome my wife’s parents.

The materials and the finishing of surfaces improve the appearance the better as they are used as the more, that makes enjoy the aging of the house with family. I believe that it is the responsibility as an architect to not only preserve and reuse old things but also to inherit the spirit and tradition of Japan in the local area and develop them with mind.

“House of KURA” has been interviewed on Japanese TV program and issued in several of magazines, awarded some architecture prizes in Japan.

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