2022 IID 🏆 Awards

Silver Winner – SFEEL Designer Hotel in Taikoo Li by HARMO Design

SFEEL Designer Hotel in Taikoo Li is located in Dongan South Road, Chengdu. This used to be one of the regions with the most flavor of old Chengdu, adjacent to Chunxi Road to the south, Shuijingfang to the north, Caojiaxiang and Maan Road to the north.

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Silver 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2022

SFEEL Designer Hotel in Taikoo Li
Hospitality Interior Built

HARMO Design

Renqi Huang

Design Team
Renqi Huang, Jin Yang, Bo Yang



©in-space photography

After more than 20 years of urban construction and development, most of the bustling lives in the past have been replaced by the fashionable Taikoo Li, 339, and Lan Kwai Fong, but there are still some old shops to be demolished. The scene of the coexistence of the old and the new is full of drama.

The designer tries to present these scenes that have been or are about to disappear in modern language.

The entrance elevator hall opens with a neat metal wall, and the left end uses the language of graphic design to arrange the English names of the hotel in different combinations. The glowing arrival arrow represents the welcome ceremony of the hotel. The arrow marks the hotel’s slogan “SOMEONESOMETIME” and the opening time of the first store as a souvenir.

The design of the hotel reception hall is cut into and expanded by the facade, which is inspired by the shape of the staircase flower wall in the old city. The aisle of the guest rooms and the atrium of the hotel form a dialogue relationship in the form of the combination of the virtual and real. The corner area of the aisle is cut in the form of oblique cutting to ease the rigidity of spatial transformation. The one-side wall of the aisle maintains the original style of the building, and the simple and crude brick wall texture is reminiscent of the old city, which forms an interesting contrast with the delicate and gentle wood on the other side.

Combined with the building environment, the guest rooms are planned for three types: the swimming pool room facing the river, the landscaped room facing the inner courtyard, and the garden room bordering the terrace. The design of the swimming pool room maximizes the panoramic view of the beautiful Jinjiang River, the whole Shangri-La curtain filters the light and adds a trace of serenity to the space. The interior walls are treated with blank, the material is simple and clean, and the functional furniture is carefully carved in the way of geometric composition, giving people a relaxed and happy feeling between putting and receiving the space.

The inner room of the building is adjacent to a large lush atrium, and the landscape room design pays attention to the dialogue between the courtyard view and the interior space. Through the restriction of opening the window, the outdoor landscape is arranged and accepted by the method of frame view, and then introduced indoors. When the limited qualitative “frame view” is seen indoors, it shields the far-end buildings, making people pay more attention to the serenity brought by the green scenery.

The interior design is based on warm wooden and black hard pavement, and the light green tone is integrated with it to create a quiet and peaceful rest.

The design makes the original outdoor terrace of the building into two gardens, the big garden facing the street is a public garden, the outside can be isolated from the noise of the road, and the inside serves as the background of the small garden of the room. The small garden is connected with the guest rooms, which is exclusive to the rooms and can rest and look at the sky.

A large area of the garden floor is paved with black stone and indoor black floor tiles form a continuation, through the embellishment of a small amount of stacked stone, moss, red maple. Create a small, quiet, exquisite outdoor space.

Project name: SFEEL Designer Hotel in Taikoo Li
Main functions: boutique hotel
Project location: Chengdu, Sichuan
Customer Information: Chengdu Dongxi Hotel Co., Ltd.
Design Firm: HARMO Design
Chief Designer: Huang Renqi
Main plan designer: Yang Jin
Deepening designer: Yang Jin, Yang Bo
Design time: September 2021
Completion date: June 2022
Project area: 1380 square meters
Project photography: in-space photography