2022 IID 🏆 Awards

Bronze Winner – VANKE CHEERFUL BAY by Chongqing Micro Interior Design Co., Ltd.

The project is located in Chongqing City and has a great view. The designer respects the natural Angle and combines the needs of the client with the design of the project. The living room, dining room and kitchen are designed as a whole to make the whole space scale have a perfect proportion.

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Bronze 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2022

Residential Interior Built

Chongqing Micro Interior Design Co., Ltd.

Ruixue Liang

Design Team
Chongqing Micro Interior Design Co., Ltd.




The layout of the living room is flexible and changeable. The furniture can be placed randomly according to different living functions. The fireplace in the living room has a double appearance, allowing the indoor and outdoor balconies to connect with each other, so that the indoor and outdoor Spaces interact with each other. The balcony is our favorite part of the project.

The sliding doors of the balcony can be fully opened, making the boundary between indoor and outdoor disappear, allowing the whole household to flow into the room, and maximizing the different shades of green of the outdoor golf course. The whole atmosphere of the space feels very calm, there is nothing to suggest that you live in the city centre, and enjoying the view with your family is a wonderful feeling.

The designer is very interested in the detailed design of wood. In order to make the study meet the use needs of different scenes and make the whole building achieve the effect of transparent space before and after, the sliding doors of the study are all hidden in the bookcase, so that the fully open study can easily and casually become a completely closed space. The double sliding door of the bookcase allows the bookcase style to combine different decorative effects.

The master bedroom suite considers a bedroom area, a walk-in closet, and a washing area. A warm, soft, natural, matte finish is used throughout the space. The floors and some of the woodwork are made of American oak to give the space a warm touch; Light permeable curtains spread to all corners, making the whole space achieve an artistic, quiet, relaxing effect.

Designers make full use of the space, the multi-functional room design can be easily changed into the guest room leisure area, fitness, meditation room and other Spaces according to different use needs.

The storage design of the project is also important. According to the usage habits of the house owners, the designer uses “centralized storage”, “fragmented storage”, “efficient storage” and other storage methods combined with aesthetic design, which not only makes the storage system more perfect and reasonable, but also improves the user’s experience.