2022 IID 🏆 Awards

Bronze Winner – Vibrant apartement with a bar by AIYA bureau

This apartment was a step beyond the usual for all of us. The owners are creative people who needed a timeless interior that would reflect their nature. We developed a conceptual space by combining the elements of the French classics, the modern understanding of comfort, and the love for art.

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Bronze 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2022

Vibrant apartement with a bar
Residential Interior

AIYA bureau

Aiya Lisova

Design Team
Aiya Lisova, Ekaterina Tsvetkova



©AIYA bureau

The client was dreaming of a home bar so we arranged a bar area in the living room, separating it with a partition of pink and orange glass. The vintage bar counter with an aged mirror is reminiscent of the bars in Milan, and the intricate paintings on the wall emphasize the creative atmosphere. The combination of modern furniture, vintage elements, and voluminous stucco on the ceilings adds a special chic.