2022 IID 🏆 Awards

Bronze Winner – Kamyshi Restaurant by MEGRE INTERIORS

MEGRE INTERIORS announces the grand reveal of their second restaurant designed for Marriott Hotels. Kamyshi Restaurant is inspired by the peaceful landscapes of the banks of Voronezh River in the southern Russian city of Voronezh.

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Bronze 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2022

Kamyshi Restaurant
Hospitality Interior


Yuna Megre

Design Team
Designers of MEGRE INTERIORS bureau, as well as Ginza Project

Voronezh, 38 Revolution Avenue, Marriott Hotel

United States


Design concept:

Kamishi’s reception area is an atmospheric portal between the bustling hotel lobby and the restaurant. It allows one to sneak a peek at what awaits inside.

Here begins the immersion in a tranquil environment wrapped in cream tones and soft lighting.

Once inside, guests are greeted by an elaborate open kitchen with unique counter system.

A wood-burning pizza oven and central island upon which Chef de Cuisine assembles his plates are a mesmerizing central feature too.

The neutral color scheme of creams is complemented with golden oak birch woods and is reminiscent of autumn coastal landscapes and Indian summer.

Rippled chrome panels and arches mirror and reflect the soft lighting, creating a hue of flowing river water. This movement makes one feel as if a light breeze had just blown through the room.

The plush, pillow-like sofas, call upon guests to plunge into an atmosphere of relaxation and slow living.

The walls and floors are finished in earthy tones, where a play between rough, textured, smooth and glossy surfaces keeps one’s senses engaged.

The unusual ceiling is adorned in unique artisan lighting fixtures and moon-like craters that host accent lighting.

The image of the river bank landscapes is reinforced through live greenery and trees typical to this locale.

Apart from main dining, the restaurant has two Private Dining Suites, each with a unique atmosphere that feels more like a trendy residential dining room, then a restaurant environment.

The link between the view and the restaurant, the outside and the indoor was so important that MEGRE INTERIORS architects spent considerable effort re-organizing the building’s glass facade, to create a structural capacity for retractable glass partitions. 

Because of this and careful styling, when open, there is no separation between the atmosphere of the terrace and indoor dining space adjacent to it.

At Kamyshi, MEGRE INTERIORS team has curated a restaurant with a strong concept, a distinctive, and yet cozy interior, a layout that is versatile and adaptable to different use scenarios.

Kamyshi Restaurant may be an oasis of calm and tranquility in the middle of this bustling megapolis, but it is set to become the hottest gastronomic spot in Voronezh.