2022 IID 🏆 Awards

Bronze Winner – Vanke Light-Hub by SAY architects

The significance of Vanke Light Hub does not mean the space design itself, but to integrate different elements in space to transform the original space atmosphere and the whole outlook. Say architects forges house selling space integrating art, sport and more complex functions through the combination of different elements.

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Bronze 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2022

Vanke Light-Hub
Commercial Interior Built

SAY architects

Jianan Shan

Design Team
partner-in-charge:Zhang Yan、Shan Jianan;Team:Wang Ruinan (Supervisor), Sun Xiaowei, Wu Yihan, Zhu Yuhui, Hang Sheng




Originally, the sense of business in the house selling space is quite strong. Centering on the apartment layout, the designer implants the slow life of modern people into the space design, combine the life scene and the brand, and meet people’s multiple demands of spiritual culture, consumption, aesthetics, etc. Coffee on the daytime and the wine at night, that is to say, the coffee and craft brew bar can replace the “house sales office” to become the first space, so as to cope with different operation mode in different time period.

The function composition and space proportion were adjusted, and the coffee bar replaces the apartment layout as the core of the space. The subject, “Cycling-friendly” is defined as he clue of space. The connection of different function zone like “cycling station”, which is taken as the starting point of design of stage property furnishing, material selection, and detailed construction, is to express a friendly, open and inclusive attitude towards space. At the same time, the introduction of theme spaces such as outdoor sports, surrounding vendor, and vinyl record experience makes the functional structure more diversified and complex, and extends the space such as co-working, bungee-dancing, and community public welfare; they make the functional space more diversified.